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If there's one thing we learned at fashion week, it's that there are no rules when it comes to creating fabulous hair. With non-traditional shows and creative presentations from New York to London, label.m was at the helm of some of the most influential shows of the season. From casual chic and classic center-parts in New York to show stopping plaits and hats galore in London! As the official sponsor of London Fashion Week, label.m proves to be the creative force behind all the styles seen at this year's amazing shows.


Ponytails + Hair Accessories – The hair at Mémère was full of undone waves, pretty pony’s and adorable velvet bows. To create romantic movement in the hair; a mix of Hairspray and Texturising Volume Spray was used, with shine spray at time to create an ethereal feel. 


Effortless Grunge – This year at Calvin Luo an undone feel was created throughout the show. Both men and women sported waves while unstructured buns with texture offset necklines for the women. Follow the step-by-step tutorial here to see how to get the look!


Slick Center-Part – With strong lines throughout the Denibi show, the center-part seemed to be the most prominent. Setting a sleek, edgy tone that we are sure to see throughout the season. Created wiith a mix of Volume Mousse and Hold and Gloss, see the full tutorial, HERE!


Peek-a-boo braids – We’ve seen plaits popping up on the runway, but we absolutely love the way they were created at Han Wen! With unplanned sections, accented designs and fearless style, Chie Sato created a new twist for bold braids.


Hats – Rohmir brought hats back in a daring way. Their styles were strong and prominent and with flair from the Spanish culture. Instead of just wearing hair down, beautiful low-buns were created to show off both hair and hat alike.

Want to see even more Fashion Week styles? Check out label.m, the official sponsor of London Fashion Week, for more tips and tricks and see all their latest inspiration on Instagram @labelmusa!