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With roses strewn on the floor and models placed in pairs, Mémère put on quite the presentation at NYFW. Their Fall 2017 collection, highly romanticized, brought together elements of 19th century and the Industrial Revolution era. With lace and embroidery and silky draped fabrics, classic beauty shined. 

The soft feeling of ruffles and bows on their garments echoed in their hair. With barely their waves and beautifully placed bows. Sponsored by label.m and lead by Matthew Curtis the hair perfectly matched the idealistic nature of the show. Follow along below to see how to get the ethereal looks from Mémère.


Romantic Ponytail

Step 1: Build texture by creating curls, with heated tongs, lightly adding label.m Hairspray to each curl for touchable hold.

Step 2: Tousel curls with fingers incorporating more 
label.m Texturising Volume Spray to add long- lasting volume.

Step 3: Loosely wrap a low ponytail with an elastic, adding ribbon for a delicate touch and finish with label.m Texturising Volume Spray.




Ethereal Waves

Step 1: Prep the hair with label.m Protein Spray and lightly curl in sections, using heated tongs.

Step 2: Incorporate label.m Texturising Volume Spray for added texture and long-lasting volume

Step 3: Use a small clip to gently pull back the front of the hair and secure on one side.

Step 4: Add a ribbon for a romantic finish and lightly layer with label.m Shine Mist.



Stay tuned for more Fashion Week styles from label.m the official sponsor of London Fashion Week! For more tips and tricks be sure to stalk label.m on Bangstyle and see all their latest inspiration on Instagram @labelmusa!

Check out even more photos from the runway and behind-the-scenes below!

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NYFW Mémère Fall 2017

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NYFW Mémère Fall 2017

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NYFW Mémère Fall 2017

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NYFW Mémère Fall 2017

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NYFW Mémère Fall 2017