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Some women crave chocolate and flowers around this time of year, while others can’t resist a tempting salon treatment. After enduring the long winter, introduce these tips and tricks into your beauty routine to give your hair some much needed love and care.

Find a leave-in that’s right for you – Based on hair type and styling regimen, you may prefer a spray to a crème leave-in, or vice versa. A Leave-In Spray Conditioner works best with textured hair, allowing you to disperse product throughout layers without weighing down curls. Leave-In Crème Conditioner is best for smooth and sleek hair. After showering, apply product from roots to ends (concentrating on the ends) and style hair as desired!


Use a clarifying shampoo before treatments –Due to the use of dry shampoo, hairspray, and everyday environmental buildup, Clarifying Shampoo is needed to properly cleanse hair. Having a clean scalp and head of hair will rinse away residue and allow the proper products to penetrate and restore strands. A must-have before receiving a smoothing treatment, Clarifying Shampoo is also beneficial when deep conditioning at home.


Protect your hair – Humidity can be one of the most detrimental factors when it comes to controlling frizz. To keep your style looking beautiful all day, invest in a treatment that will guard hair from the elements. With Cezanne, there is an easy way to ensure your style stays flawless no matter the weather. Create a frizz-free finish by opting for the Cezanne Classic Smoothing Treatment. Without damaging your hair with the use of harsh chemicals, the Classic Smoothing Treatment will turn your hair into soft, shiny, manageable locks while reducing frizz and styling time.


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