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We’re not sure whether it was John Snow or Jack Greystone but the return of styling for men has left everyone with a smile on their face. And as Men’s Fashion Week wraps up we are excited for the revival of a few key trends.  While wardrobe fashion bobbed between grunge chic and ‘60s structured, the influence from the ‘70s was everywhere apparent.

Long shags were seen on the stages of Prada, Acne, and Alexander McQueen and seemed individualized for each model. For the first time in a long time, enhancing each model’s image was more important that fitting them into a pre-packaged style. With the shag, using natural texture and product enhancements like Light Hold Texture Lotion or Grooming Spray are the best picks to craft a style that is all about you.

 A short crop with texture, similar to a grown out version of Eminem’s classic hairstyle rocked the stages of Dior Homme and D&G. This style looks effortlessly handsome with a turtleneck or a structured collar for fall and is a breeze to style. We suggest using Boost Powder on air or blow-dried hair to create a soft piecey effect.  

Fringe is in officially in for Fall and Dries Van Noten agrees! This blunt fringe look looks like a great grown out version of the short crop and allows when to have a new style to play with for the season ahead. Since this cut requires more length, using a Grooming Cream is the best pick to insure great hold and shine on any hair type.

This year’s shows also showcased natural textured Afro’s, seen on the stages of Hermes, AMI and Todd Snyder. This goes back to the notion that this year’s beauty was celebrating individuality, giving everyone the freedom to express themselves. What we love most about this texture is the accentuation of it, Light Hold Texture Lotion and Boost Powder will compliment and add to natural styles.  

The revolution of men’s styling has officially begun and we couldn’t be more excited to give you all the tips, tricks and techniques to achieve a style of your own. Check our Fall product picks below and stay tuned for more trends!

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Grooming Spray

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Light Hold Texture Lotion