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Baby, it’s getting cold outside and we’re looking for a new style to heat things up. The winter weather has finally kicked it up a notch and although we love the addition of topcoats and winter boots, we’ll admit; we’re longing for a dash of summer in our style. One of the most impressive men’s grooming styles we picked up on this year, which we hope sticks around for spring, is the addition of length to men’s cuts. Taking cues from the 70s inspired runways (with incoming nods to the 60s), we see a resurgence of classic American cool – a time when rock climbing without safety gear was common practice and longboards were the only type of surfboard there was. This liberating move toward longer styles will allow men the ability to experiment, not only with their haircut choice but their styling routine as well.


As haircuts take on new shapes, styling products can be used to accentuate these changes and allow men to have a bit more fun with their hair. Some of our favorite products for the longer haired gentleman include creams, lotions, and pomades, but the proper shampoo and conditioner is also much needed for these new styles.


Starting off with a clean head of hair is key to a foolproof style. With the addition of length can also come the addition of hair damage so switch out your shampoo to a moisturizing formula like Daily Moisturizing Shampoo. You will also want to incorporate a Daily Conditioner to cut down on any frizz or flyaways that come from cold weather and harsh winds. Once hair is properly washed, the fun part begins.


For naturally wavy or curly haired fella’s you have a few options. You can either use a Curl Control Cream in damp hair and let air dry to show off your natural texture or apply Grooming Tonic and blow dry strands into an “undone,” done shape.  If your style requires more control, we suggest using Molding Clay – this high hold, medium shine styler allows you to push, pull and manipulate your hair any way you like.


Straight haired gentlemen either love their style or wish they had texture. Lucky for them, in this day and age, anything is possible. If your hair is on the straighter side and you want to don a longer look, chances are you’re going to need extra volume at the root. Start off by double washing your hair with Daily Shampoo. By double washing you effectively cleanse any oils and product from your scalp, which will immediately give you extra lift. We suggest blow drying your hair, pulling hair out at at a 90 degree angle with your fingers where you need lift most. Once hair is dry, sprinkle in Boost Powder. Although you may have never thought the way to get the perfect style would be through powder, this magical product is exactly what your hair wants. Boost powder will defy gravity and add volume for the ultimate matte movement.


Apart from being maddeningly cool, longer styles will also keep you warmer this winter. Show off your seasonal style with @AmericanCrew on Instagram by tagging us in your latest uploads and be sure to check out the rest of our hair guides and tutorials here, on Bangstyle.