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Creating versatality in your hair cuts will keep the options endless for your clients. In this tutorial by Sherri Jessee, see how one sharp hair cut can provide 3 sexy shapes. She shows that perfect graduation combined with a disconnected top creates an edgy shape for men. and that you can change it up by using a variety of styling products and techniques.

The Steps:


1. Separate top from the bottom and secure away with clips.


2. Use a variety of guards and settings on the clipper to achieve a blended graduation.


3. Pay close attention to make a clean perimeter.


4. Layer the top with special texturizing scissors to create softness.


5. Apply styling product and comb into place.


LOOK ONE: Faux Hawk. 

Apply a small amount to of NEVO Twist Fiber Paste to damp hair and distribute well.  Form the top section into a mowhawk shape. The lightweight fibers in this styling product allow for complete control to style, spike and twist.


LOOK TWO: The Wave

Apply a small amount of NEVO Total Fixation Firm Hold Gel. Distribute the gel well and form a wave using a fine-toothed comb. Allow to air dry.


LOOK THREE: Pompadour.

Blow the hair dry directing up and back from away from the face with a small vent brush. Lightly spray with NEVO Super Shape Hair Spray.

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Credits: Hair Cut & Style: Sherri Jessee for Pravana

Photography: Julia Kuzmenko