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Our hair is part of our persona, good hair days and bad can go so far as to dictate our mood and getting a new style can completely change our character. Andrew Caruthers, Director Of Education for Sam Villa explains to us, “When shapes are built with simplicity, it allows guests to create unique identities with dramatic shifts in styling.  The incredible value created for salon guests by showing them all the possibilities sends retention through the roof.” Styling is just as important as the cut, so educating your guests on how to take care of their new ‘do will help them create a more finished look.



The Cut:

  • Part hair by dividing the back and sides from the top right at the bottom edge of the vertical transition.
  • Start in center back, take a vertical section, elevate to about 45 degrees, and softly razor a long graduated cutting line with the Sam Villa Signature Series Razor equipped with a straight blade.
  • Continue around the head in vertical sections overdirecting back to the previous section to allow length towards the front.
  • Once complete, unclip the top and thoroughly comb into the natural parting.
  • Again starting in center back, take about a 2 inch wide horizontal section slicing a bit of the underneath area for a guide, elevate the section a bit above 45 degrees and softly razor to the underneath guide.
  • Continue moving around each side of the head towards the front.
  • After blow drying, use the Sam Villa Signature Series Invisiblend shear to remove excess weight from the interior to allow flexibility in styling.


Style 1: Sleek and Chic




Style 2: Confused Texture



  • Mist Redken Iron Shape 11 throughout dry hair and comb through for even distribution.
  • As in the cut, part the hair by dividing the back and sides from the top right at the bottom edge of the vertical transition.
  • Throughout back and sides, use horizontal sections and establish a figure 6 curling iron set with a 1” marcel style curling iron.  At the bottom of the head, set more off base and towards the top set more on base.
  • Pin each section to cool.
  • Unclip the top.  Starting at the crown, take alternating diagonal sections for a confused texture, establish a figure 6 curling iron set with a 1.5” marcel style curling iron, and set everything on base to cool for maximum volume.
  • Once everything is cool, rake through with fingers to separate the curls.
  • Flip part to opposite side it was cut from and define individual curls with Redken Fashion Work 12.




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