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Cover Style: Cameron Lesiege

As much as we would all LOVE it to be true, Beyonce doesn’t just “wake up like dis”. She has creams, masques and pillowcases working for her all though the night. Yes, your pillowcase changes your style beyond just to decorating your room, it greatly helps your beauty routine — find out how! 


For Your Hair: Silk helps prevent breakage and hair damage - Your stylist can tell which side you sleep on based on the amount of breakage on one side of your head versus the other. Breakage occurs because you hair is more likely to get snagged on cotton, and it also dries out your hair. For damage that is so visibly present, there is a solution. Using a silk pillowcase will cut down on the amount of damage unforeseen and uncontrollable while sleeping. 


For Your Skin: Cotton is extremely drying compared to silk, the use of a silk pillowcase cuts down on the harsh rubbing, pressure applied and drying experienced by regular pillowcases. If you’ve ever woken up to the imprint of the pillow on your face — this is why. Swapping out your trusty pillowcase for a new shiny silk one will ensure no more “sleep lines” tonight and will help preserve your skin for the future. 


Don’t Lose Your Lashes!  You probably don’t notice because… you’re asleep. But when you move around in your sleep, you lashes are susceptible to being caught on the pillowcase. If you’ve ever woken up with bent lashes this is a sign, it’s your sleeping position. Luckily you don’t have to retrain your sleep habits, just switch to silk. The silk will allow your lashes to glide over the pillow in your sleep instead of getting caught, bent, and pulled out.


Bye-Bye Bed Head! Aside from keeping your damage at bay, silk pillowcases ensure “I woke up like this” hair. Cotton will excessively dry your hair while causing kinks, save a few minutes in the morning by making your hair routine that much easier. 


I don’t know about you, but I already picked one of these babies up from the experts on all things blowdry, Drybar. I definitely won’t regret it when I’m still looking #flawless in 5 years.