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You may think that a sleek pony is an easy look to achieve, but with a few key tricks you can pull off a style that is sleek, soft, and sophisticated. This look can be worn day or night and compliments high necklines and statement jewelry. It is the perfect accessory for fall and will be perfect for sweater weather! Karla Vasquez takes us through the easiest way to make this perfect pony!


Products Used:

Spray Glue


Hair Spray


Start on dry, sleekly styled hair.


Determine where your part will be by finding out where the head begins to round and create your part at this point.


You will most likely encounter flyaways in your creation - spritz Spray Glue and comb through with a fine toothed comb to begin to control the part and any baby hairs.


For even more control, take a dab of Putty→Clay and work it throughout your hands, instead of applying the product, you will use it on your hands as you style for extra grit and control.


To keep the look soft and sleek, comb the hair in a natural pattern the way it wants to fall to avoid bumps and an uneven feel.


Gather hair at the nape of the neck and comb the hair into your hands


Spritz a bit more Spray Glue over the entire head and continue to comb hair into the desired position.


Use a thin rubber band to hold the pony in place. Then spray the hair again with Spray Glue, using a comb as you spray to help keep the hair down as it dries.


Separate a strand from the ponytail and spray with #superfirm and twist slightly for control. Then wrap this section around the ponytail and secure with Spray Glue and a bobby pin inserted invisibly into the ponytail base.


To finish - spray all over with Hair Spray to hold the strand in place and to keep all flyaways at bay. *Hold off on the hairspray until the end so you are able to mold the hair before setting its final look. 


For a finished look be sure to follow along with this tutorial:



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