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The joys of summer as a kid were pool parties, popsicles, and play dates, but as we get older we begin to take into account how we look every time we walk out the door. Whether we are heading to class, work, or an event, we want to look our best, but don’t always have enough time to dedicate to our style. When the temperatures begin to warm, styling our hair gets even harder. If you’re anything like us, while styling your hair, your first section has sweat out by the time you finish your last.


Whether you live in a big city, a beach town, or a rural area the last thing you want to do is have a hot dryer in your face for 45 minutes when it’s hot and humid out. How to combat this? Try a smoothing treatment, like Brazilian Blowout. This service will take anywhere from 90-120 minutes in the salon, but will save you countless hours of drying and styling time over the next few months .   


With a Brazilian Blowout you’ll immediately notice the soft and shiny results it has on your hair, and this is just the beginning. Just wait until the first time you dry your hair…you will be in shock as to how fast it dries, how great your style looks, and how healthy your hair is.


With the right upkeep, you can shower and wash your hair as often as you would like and still have perfect hair, which is music to anyone’s ears as the heat begins. One of our favorite perks is the frizz relief. If you live in a climate that is on the humid side, your hair won’t have to combat the elements and fight the never ending frizz, it will look like a fresh blowout all day and night.


Here’s to a summer filled with fun instead of frizz!

There are a few rules to keep your smoothing treatment fresh, so stay tuned for the ultimate summer tips for your Brazilian Blowout!