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In recent seasons we’ve seen a resurgence of Men’s Grooming becoming a focal point in the fashion and styling world. Whether it is due to this trend, or inspired by the fact that men have begun taking more time and putting more effort into their look, we love the outcome!

To ensure you are ready for the new styles with tips, and tricks be sure to brush up on a few of our favorite looks, to give you fresh ideas for everyday looks.

When the “manbun” hit the scene, we saw many variations and different ways to create this look. Although buns are still around, the latest trend I’ve noticed is a variety of Man Braids!

In order to create a new look, I worked with my amazing team and highlighted my vision of Manbraids. Of course, man braids were always here, but in order to make the 'ordinary extraordinary' I took my own spin on them!


Step 1 Take all the hair on top of the head and make sure you have good, straight & sharp lines when you divide it.  Start a ‘French Braid’ on top of the head.



Step 2 : Make sure you keep the ‘French Braid’ tight & close to the head. Braid it in a straight line towards the back of the head andsecure it with a small elastic. To hold the braid in place make sure you use a good hairspray. To finish it off, put some mousse or gel on the hair on the side of the head.




What do you think of the new "Man-Braid" 'do? Leave you comments below and be sure to stalk Ramona on Bangstyle to see all of her latest creations!