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We all know the cardinal rule of hair - bigger is always better. This especially rings true when it’s walking down the runway. Nothing beats big, bouncy hair filled with love and backstage secrets. There are a few secrets that slip from time to time, like amika’s sure fire way to achieve the perfect body [we’re still talking about hair]. 


To get va-va-voom volume, first you must properly prep the hair. Make sure to shampoo and condition with a mild, yet clarifying shampoo. You don’t want heavy agents from conditioners weighing down hair. Next, while hair is sufficiently wet, apply The Perfect Body Whipped Mousse. This miracle worker instantly boosts volume leaving you with the hair of your runway dreams. The formula is infused with Sea Buckthorn Berry that nourishes the hair weightlessly and shaping polymers, which allow your strands to defy gravity without becoming crunchy or sticky. 


As you begin to blow it dry - We suggest starting at the front to build volume in the root before your strands begin to dry in the wrong formation. Start with the mohawk parting, rough dry to remove 60-70% of the moisture. With a round brush take 2 inch sections and while over directing forward, curl away from the face building vertical volume. To set these sections, pin curl set them on top of the head as you work. As you dry section by section continue the same technique. Once hair is dry, spritz with a touchable hold spray, let cool and then brush out with a paddle brush. This is not just a basic blowout, it is sure to leave you with curl and bounce for days.

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