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Cover Style: Anna Lyles

Many people envy your naturally curly hair— as they should. Those who have natural curls are very lucky, but these type of curls are not fuss-free. They can often be unruly or frizzy, and they can sometimes seem like more of a curse than a blessing. What your hair needs, however, are the right products to turn these natural curls from frizzy to fabulous.


Forget the Frizz: The key to taming your natural curls is to start right out of the shower. Using Macadamia’s Activating Curl Cream will activate and define your curls. This lightweight, nonsticky cream supports soft, fine curls that usually tend to droop. It also de-frizzes your hair and will keep your curls shapely and resilient. Simply, apply a quarter-size amount to damp hair. Then either use a blow dryer to diffuse curls or air dry for a more natural look. This cream will prevent the flyaways and frizz that normally come with natural hair.


Keep the Curl: It’s important to make sure your natural curls maintain their shape after you leave the house. A curl enhancing spray will further define and reactivate curls; it also provides long-lasting memory. In this way, your curls will last longer and you won’t have to pull out that midday ponytail. This curl defining product will leave your curls looking smooth, frizz-free and shiny. It retains moisture and hydrates your hair for greater flexibility and tensile strength. The Macadamia Professional Curl Enhancing Spray increases the curl shape, manageability, and body of the hair without sighing it down. No more curls that fall flat! Maintain a natural, yet defined style with this enhancing spray. How to use the Curl Enhancing Spray? Layer on top of the Macadamia Professional Activating Curl Cream when 50% dry for additional lift and support. Or as a refresher the next day to reshape and activate the curls.


Curl Control: While some of you struggle to keep your natural curls, there are others of you who can’t get your curls to calm down! The Macadamia Professional Taming Curl Cream will keep curls controlled as it tames flyaways and unruly curls. This defining curl cream softens and de-frizzes really curly hair— think medium to coiled textures. It defines full-bodied, touchable curls, while still providing a light, crunch-free feel. Better yet, it also fights humidity for frizz control. Apply a small amount in sections of damp hair as needed then diffuse or air dry for a natural look. You can even apply it during the day for added frizz control.


Don’t be frenemies with your natural curls. These specially-designed products will work to define your natural curl, while still controlling frizz and uncooperative curls. With these quick steps, you can rock your natural hair all day long.

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