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My curls and I broke up for a while, I wasn’t treating them well; I always blew them out straight. Now, it looks like I’m going to have to find another way to work out my biceps because the curls are back in town! Natural texture has never been more in! Take a peek at these tips for different methods of drying your curls to perfection…

What’s you routine? Depending on whether you are a fan of a morning shower or an evening soak, you can benefit from a change in routine. I am usually a fan of the night shower, however I have had my fair share of early morning styling sessions. 


If you wash your hair in the wee hours of the morning, diffuse hair with a blow dryer and diffuser attachment to about 95% and let the rest air dry. Make sure to prep hair with Activating Curl Cream, once diffusing is done, immediately mist with Weightless Moisture Dry Oil Micro Mist to protect against frizz and lock moisture in. 


If you wash in the evening before you sleep, leave it to air dry; products are a MUST unless you want to wake up looking like Medusa in the morning. We recommend using the Activating Curl Cream when air drying - It keeps curls intact through all the tossing and turning! In the morning it’s like magic, touch it up with some Weightless Moisture Dry Oil Micro Mist and a curling iron. 


Benefits to both?


Air drying can be less fuss, but will sometimes leave curls a little more limp - unless thats what you’re going for…

Using a diffuser? - Talk about bombshell hair; diffusing hair immediately adds more curl and spring to your stands step.



Whether you’re air drying or diffusing those curls, prep properly with products - I use the same products for each method!


How to apply: Prepping with products can be done the same way no matter your method of drying. I usually apply Activating Curl Cream immediately after the shower to tame fly aways and keep my curls looking perfect. I gently work the Activating Curl Cream through my hair, being mindful not to overly tousle or pull apart strands.  

Once hair is dry (either by nature or by blowdryer) I apply the Weightless Moisture Dry Oil Micro Mist to lock in shine and prevent frizz. 


What not to do: There’s only one rule to curl club and thats not to touch! (No combing, no teasing, no running your fingers through your hair at any time) sorry ladies and gents this will only lead to unhappy hair. 


Get ready to fall in love - once you perfect your routine it will expedite your beauty process and be one less thing to worry about throughout the day.

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