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5 Tried and True Salon Secrets for Holiday Success


The holiday season is one of the busiest for beauty pros, and the high volume of clients walking through your salon’s door offers an opportunity to substantially boost sales. However, these prospects can fall to the wayside during the hustle and bustle of back-to-back appointments. Are you ready to take advantage of every opportunity that the holidays bring? Follow these five tips to jump start your seasonal strategy!


Share your product knowledge.

The most effective sales pitches come in the form of genuine recommendations, and product knowledge is a vital part in advising what will work best for your clients. For example, recognising that a client prone to brassiness could benefit from using a product like BLONDE.ANGEL.WASH, means you’re doing more than selling a bottle of shampoo. You’re offering valuable advice and creating a more personalised client experience.


Don’t let the ball drop on your marketing.

Marketing should always play a role in your salon, even during your peak season. Are you booked to the brim with colouring appointments? Offer discounts for quick services like deep conditioning treatments or blowouts, which can be done during another client’s processing time. Are you trying to move product on a moment’s notice? Introduce flash sales for last minute holiday shopping. The best part of social media and email campaigns is how instantly you can spread your message… a little quick thinking and creativity can make a world of difference!


Take advantage of the holiday crowds.

If your salon is located in a busy shopping center or near a popular holiday destination, it can at times feel like sales opportunities are quite literally passing you by. However, rethinking the foot traffic around your salon can help put it on the retail map. Open your doors for a complimentary touch-up bar where people can primp and mingle over a glass of eggnog. It’s amazing what this type of hands-on experience can do for attracting shoppers and building your business!


Bring the holiday spirit to your retail area.

Does your retail space have a case of the bah-humbugs? Bring some seasonal flavour to your salon by getting creative with your product displays, décor and promotions! After all, putting clients in the holiday mood gives them a subtle reminder that they have gifts to buy and parties to look great for. 

With so many options in a salon’s retail area, it can be overwhelming for clients to pick out items for themselves – let alone anybody else. Try stocking up on holiday packs or printing out gift certificates for back bar salon services. These alternatives are perfect for the customer who wants to gift a salon experience without the hefty price tag of a cut and colour!


Decide which specials to jump on and which to pass. 

One of the biggest promotional mistakes you can make in the salon is discounting your most popular services. Identify what services tend to bring in the most money, then erase any thought of discounting them. Reviewing some numbers in advance helps to ensure that stylists and colourists are only discounting add-ons, not the bread-and-butter services that your client will undoubtedly get either way. 


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