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From designated date night to dinner with friends, Valentines Day dress-up is the best-awaited evening to capitalize on our sexiest beauty looks. It is the perfect time to execute our favorite #beautyinspo from New Year’s celebrations or possibly from Lily Collins at the Golden Globes or Nicole Kidman at the SAG Awards, talk about #stylegoals

Replicating a look from your favorite starlet is easy when you prepare yourself with a strong foundation. A confident style is easiest achieved by prepping your hair, skin, and nails beforehand. You may be putting coconut oil on your cuticles and rice masks on your skin for the perfect glow, but don’t forget your hair is going to need be light and voluminous! Whether you are looking for some flirty curls or a pretty updo, a touchable hairstyle needs to start with soft and clean hair! Besides, feeling fresh accentuates our inner goddess.

For those who have had their fair share of dry shampoo and hairspray these last couple of months (as I certainly have), moderate build-up has been easy to incur. So cleansing and deep conditioning is the name of the game to get your locks ready for any teasing, pinning, or styling. Radia Clarifying & Softening Shampoo and Conditioner will free your hair of toxic chemicals and build up (because no one likes to style droopy hair). 

Let your hair fall tousled and touchable whether you are hanging out at home or manifesting you inner seductress. 

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