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Our hair constantly has its ups and downs. One day it looks fabulous and the next it’s a flat, frizzy mess. You seriously wince at the amount of hair you see come out in the shower and wonder… am I loosing my hair? We’ve been there, which is why we have the following facts and advice for you, to calm your troubled nerves and give you luscious, thick, long locks day in and day out.

It is totally normal to loose hair in the shower. It may fluctuate during different seasons, but on average, you loose up to 100 hairs per day. If you find yourself loosing excess of this, this may be due to stress, or hormonal changes. If your hair loss seems abnormal, don’t wait – go see your doctor.


Don’t forget to cleanse your scalp; you know… that place where your hair stems from. Your scalp has a lot to do with hair growth and its ability to style. When your scalp is clean and free of debris, oil, and product buildup: you’ll notice your ability to achieve more volume and longevity in your style. At least once a week you should be using a detox shampoo, like MAXI.WASH from KEVIN.MURPHY to remove buildup and properly cleanse the scalp.

You’re getting old. Let’s face it; from the day we’re born we’ve already started aging and your hair is no exception. Just think about how long your hair is and the amount of time its taken for it to grow to that length. Luckily, there are anti-aging regiments for your hair. Using the proper products, NOW, will help slow the effects of time and give you the lustrous hair you had when you hit puberty.

Be mindful of what you put in your body. It seems like every other day there is a new allergy in the news. While we may choose to ignore it and think there is no such thing as a “gluten allergy,” you may be completely wrong. If you’ve noticed hair loss and can’t trace it to lifestyle, stress, hormones, or genetics; you’ll want to get tested for allergies to see what might be causing this sudden change.

Blame the weather. Just like other mammals, your hair goes through changes based on the season. Usually after warmer weather we see the biggest increase in hair loss, which might be associated with the heat we endured during summer.


Whether your hair is thick or thin, curly or straight, there are tips to style your mane to perfection, check them out HERE and say bye-bye to bad hair days!


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