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The climate of our society is at a pivotal point. With movement in the court of women’s empowerment, it is imperative to acknowledge the amazing designs that celebrate the voice of women. Sarah Burton did just this. With her Fall 2018 Ready-To-Wear for Alexander McQueen, she sent down a show that flowed from structured blazers to layered dresses. Vibrant colors made way for the tone of the show to shine brightly.
When it came to the hair, Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau created a magnificent statement braid. “We’re backstage at the Alexander McQueen show and we’re doing a super long, single braid.” Palau said. “My key product is Hardwear 16 to get a super slicked form on the head shape. The inspiration was that of a whip tail – McQueen is kind of subversive beauty, so I wanted it to be minimal but still feel very McQueen.”  Follow along below to see how to get this dreamy style!


  1. Prep hair by washing with Redken All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner and blow dry.
  2. On clean, dry hair, apply Redken Hardwear 16 with a flat, fine-tooth comb, working in v-shaped sections starting from the nape of the neck and moving towards the front of the head.
  3. Once gel has been applied throughout, use a wide-tooth comb to pull hair straight back, creating rows of comb marks in the hair.
  4. Starting at the nape of the neck, tightly braid hair into a three-strand braid, applying more Redken Hardwear 16 while working down the lengths.
  5. Secure the end of the braid with an elastic and finish with Redken Forceful 23 to hold the look.

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