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Janine Ker is the epitome of the title “Hair Artist”. She has transformed the salon scene with her colorful creations and continues to push the edge in the way we wear our hair color. In her latest collection, she debuts an insanely realistic interpretation of animal prints. We spoke with Janine about how to get this look and if she had any tips she had for artists looking to create something similar.

Here are her top 3 tips:

1. Have fun researching your inspiration.  In this case, I am a huge fan of nature and wildlife, so I always have fun looking up animals and learning more about them.  Since this project is visual, I enjoyed looking at real photographs of the animal coats.  When you take the time to break down what you are actually looking at, you realize that there are several layers to creating a coat. Especially for the leopard print! Yes, there are spots... but there is really so much more shading and depth in color beneath the spots!

2. Prep your canvas properly.  For the zebra, I had to bleach my model twice to achieve the white background needed for zebra hair.  However, for the leopard, I only bleached once because I wanted a slightly warm background to paint on.

3. Use the right tools!  Colortrak makes some amazing detail brushes. These are what I painted the leopard spots with.  A regular tint brush will not do the job as easily.  Specialized brushes that mimic artist's paintbrushes are wonderful for the detail work involved in creating the proper marks.  

For even more hair art inspiration be sure to stalk Janine on Bangstyle and follow her on Instagram @janine_ker_hair to see her latest updates!