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Both men and women have become increasingly aware of the ways in which outside factors impact our looks. As a society, we have become obsessed with turning back the clock and taking care of our hair, skin, and nails before it gets the best of us. A few small changing now can make a big difference down the line and keep us looking and feeling our best. When it comes to anti-aging efforts, we usually look to skincare to close the gap between our needs and wants. What we should really be updating is our hair! Which is why we’re taking a peek at the hair colors that go hand in hand with your anti-again efforts! 

Changing your hair color to meet your anti-aging efforts doesn’t mean that you need to take on large changes; small simple adjustments can easily get the job done. From color to placement, this is everything you need to know!



The gentle mix between blonde and brunette means that it is a great option for both blondes and brunettes. Placement is equally important when it comes to this shade, adding dimension to hair color will also create areas of interest and a contouring effect. Placing brighter sections around the face will instantly brighten and open up the face, creating a glowing effect! To create even more contrast, consider a root smudge to add drama and ensure your new color doesn’t wash out your skin tone! 



We love our hair color like we love our ice cream, with a heavy helping of caramel on top! This lovely shade has proven itself time and time again as a go-to for brunettes. The subtle warm hues it evokes looks great on all skin tones and its warm finish instantly softens facial features. You can add a few caramel highlights or simply try on a new toner to your already pre-lightened strands to give this look a try!

Pale Pink


It can be tricky to warm up high-level blondes without making them appear yellow or brassy. While pink has made a comeback as a fast fashion color it is also a great go-to for blondes looking to appear more youthful. Depending on the intensity of the shade, a simple wash of pastel pink or using it as an undertone for highlights and all over color can instantly warm up blonde shades. Not a fan of pink? Apricot is a great alternative hue.

Lived-In Color


Lived-In color is customizable to any hue and any haircut. With natural looking placement and a shade that is just slightly brighter than your natural hue, this is a quick and easy way to add brightness without adding commitment. Because this look grows out naturally and can be maintained by simple home-care efforts, you won’t have to worry about spending an excess of hours at the salon!

A small change in tone or update in placement can easily get your anti-aging hair color efforts on their way, so be sure to think about how your routine should encompass more than just your skin!

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