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When it comes to the summer, it’s all about giving off effortless vibes. From effortless hair and makeup to effortless style. As with anything, preparation is going to be the key to getting a look that lasts through your summer plans. If you’re experiencing hot and humid weather, beach waves should be your go-to style. Whether you have stick straight or big curly hair, follow along with these steps to get your best beach waves to date.

Air Dry before Blow-Drying

After you wash and condition your tresses, allow them to air dry. Once your hair is about 70%-80% dry, add in a heat protectant. StyleLink Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray is your link to heat protection when using your heat tools on up to 450ºF/232ºC. It is a lightweight formula that ensures a smooth and shiny finish. It will also add a little bit of texture to otherwise straight strands. With the product in your hair, use a diffuser on a low setting to activate the heat protectant and your natural hair texture to allow your beach waves last longer throughout the day.

Curl It Loosely

After your hair is 100% dry, section your hair horizontally starting from the back. Once you’re done sectioning your hair, grab a 1 ½ inch barrel curling iron and start twisting your hair around it. When working from the back to the front, it is best to alternate the direction of each curl until you get to the front. Once you get to the front, start curling your hair away from your face to show off your beautiful features. If you have curly hair, create smooth weaves by grabbing bigger sections of hair, about 1 ½ sections. As soon as you release each curl from the heat, grab a Denman brush, spray it down with Matrix Total Results High Amplify Hairspray Flexible Hold Hairspray, and comb through it to create the smooth and voluminous waves you’re looking for.

Spray It and Finish It

If you have straight hair, spray Matrix Total Results High Amplify Hairspray Flexible Hold Hairspray directly to your freshly curled hair, then use Matrix StyleLink Blowout Curvy Queen Curl Creating Blowout Cream on the ends of the curls, to separate them without weighing them down. If you have curly or naturally wavy hair, spray down your brush with a flexible hold hairspray, and gently brush out your curls. Then rub a quarter size amount of finishing cream in your hands and run your fingers through your waves for more separation.

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