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Dreaming of summer days gone by? You can still recreate the looks you love the most! As the days get shorter and the cold gets colder winter has proven that it is definitely coming. With a few quick tips and techniques, you’ll be wavin’ in no time!

Step 1: After cleansing the hair, apply a small amount of a Blow-out Cream. Roughly dry the hair upside down, to encourage body.

Step 2: Alternate your section sizes between 1-2 inches. This will give hair a real beachy vibe. Using the EVY PROFESSIONAL PRO STYLE styling irons, create a bend in the hair, not a curl. Start by bending the hair under, at the root area to create body.

Step 3: Rock and bend the hair towards the ceiling and then back towards the floor. Switch directions as you go, when you get to the ends, randomly straighten some pieces of hair for a worn-in, effortless look.

Step 4: After the hair is set and cool, tap in a Texture Powder, shaking it through all over for added texture. Finish by scrunching in a texturizing spray.

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