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I can’t lie; working from home is a dream. With dogs at your feet and being able to type away in your pajamas – it’s the life! Working from home takes discipline, but comes with a long list of perks. Without the daily drive, you not only save time, save money on gas and miles on your car, you also save your sanity from the aggravation gridlock can cause. Can you tell I don’t miss the 101 Freeway?!

In addition to the obvious, you have the ability to take care of yourself being in a (hopefully) less stressful environment. It goes without saying when you feel good, you are able to increase productivity. Use your time wisely, get your job done and simultaneously give these 5 beauty tips a try!

5. Face masks!

You work from home! With the exception o the occasional video call (blegh), no ones looking! Type away with the collagen from a Japanese mask reinvigorating your skin. Skip the makeup and opt for hydration and wrinkle prevention. 

4. Give hair a break from heat styling

Why torture your strands with endless blow drying and iron work just to stay indoors? Save that nonsense for Friday night! Give your hair a break by embracing your natural texture on days you are staying home to get the job done.

3. Deep conditioning

Give your hair back the nutrients it needs with a deep conditioning treatment. Wake up, apply your favorite treatment to your hair, wrap it up and get to work! When lunchtime hits, pop into a quick shower to rinse giving your hair time to soak up the moisture giving it back elasticity and shine.

Our top pick: Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Mask

2. Healthy Eating

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean it’s safe to graze all day. Responsible eating habits are hard to form, but in your best interest. Take advantage of being home and having access to a kitchen! Make a healthy lunch (and snacks) to keep energy levels up and your mind alert. Skip the chips and opt for the carrots.

1. Sleep & Exercise

Take advantage of the time you save from your old commute to get the zzz’s you need. Being well rested, you can approach the day with a clear mind. Stay proactive throughout the day ahead by keeping a list of tasks and monitoring your progress. And most of all… MOVE! They say sitting all day is the new smoking. Take breaks, go for a fast jog, hit the gym at lunch. Just get moving! Get circulation moving and you’ll beat the afternoon lull by keeping you fresh and motivated. All while looking beautiful and refreshed!

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