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Hair looking flat and blah lately? It may be time for a trim. Not sure if you should stick to longer locks or go bold with a modern chop? Check out our guide to the best style for your face shape.


If you have a round face, stick to elongated styles such as a lob or lengthy layers. These cuts add angles and slim your face. Steer clear of rounded or shapeless cuts and thick, straight-across bangs which may actually accentuate any wideness in your face.

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If you have an oval face, you have a little more freedom when choosing your style. Try a voluminous shoulder-length cut if you’d like to add roundness to your face. Or, to highlight your cheekbones, choose a long A-line cut with subtle volume at the roots.

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If you have a square face, opt for effortless, shoulder-length layers. The layers will break up the lines of your face and add a feminine softness. Avoid thick heavy bangs or super-blunt looks, which may look too harsh against your facial structure.

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If you have a heart-shaped face, it’s best to sport face-framing styles. Longer hair parted down the middle elongates the sides of your face, while side-swept bangs or a side part can break up a wider forehead.

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