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Eager to show off your creativity in 2018? The Keune Beyond True Beauty Program is bridging the gap between hair and art, and encouraging stylists around the globe to craft their own avant-garde creations. To celebrate the program, the Keune creative team has launched “Lost in Perfection,” a collection of six looks to inspire stylists to put their imagination to the test. Check out the brand’s coiffed creations to help you get those creative juices flowing.

Antique Rose

Soft curls and pastel tones give sky-high strands a feminine appeal. “We blended in peachy hues and muted pinks to soften the look,” says Keune Global Creative Artistic Director Ilham Mestour. “The curls are architectural but still inviting to the touch.”

Spectral Haze

A stormy blend of grey, black, blue and red gives locks a hint of modern edge. So what makes the boundary-pushing style work? Fluffy texture and seamless transitions from shade to shade.

Silver Moth

Don’t be afraid to take hair to new heights—literally! A myriad of different textures work together in perfect harmony to give this bold look a naturalistic feel. Keune Creative Ambassador George Alderete says texture is the key to avoiding “beauty pageant hair,” adding, “The hair is smoother around the edges and then melts into soft waves and fuzzy curls along the hairline.”

Angel Wing

The experimental “wing” shape adds a futuristic feel to smooth locks, while the deep plum and lavender hues amp up the drama.

Unfurling Cocoon

Think of this look as the modern-day imagining of Marie Antoinette’s signature hairstyle. “We didn’t want any harsh lines, so we rounded the edges and pulled out some strands around the face,” explains Marriët Gakes, Keune Global Master Color Innovation, adding, “The color palette provides a vintage, antique feel and incredible depth to the hair.”

Mystic Mermaid

This fiery look would make even Ariel jealous. Featuring hints of sea green and blue, the full-bodied curls provide endless movement that mimics the ebb and flow of the ocean.

Alongside this inspirational collection, Keune will also be hosting an inspirational class at the Keune Academy in Atlanta with Keune Global Creative Artistic Director Ilham Mestour and Keune Creative Ambassador George Alderete. For more information about the show and how to get tickets before it's too late CLICK HERE!

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