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A fresh salon blowout is one of the most coveted modern-day luxuries —  a service so simple yet effective that entire salons have been dedicated to the task. Smoothness, shine, the perfect finish; it’s what often sets a salon blowout apart from at-home experiences. However, as haircare expands to create products that are more at-home friendly, achieving a salon-worthy blowout in the comfort of your own home is now easier than ever. The big difference? It all comes down to product and technique. 

The Product:

Achieving a flawless at-home finish doesn’t require a cabinet full of gadgets and products, just a few choice picks that practically do the work for you. Case in point — KEVIN.MURPHY EVER.SMOOTH. 

Designed to be used on all hair types, this miracle worker speeds up drying time, cuts down on frizz and elongates the life of the results. The key is the Long Chain Polymers that self-organise on the hair shaft to lock in moisture, shine, volume, and the shape of your style. At the same time, a Wood Bark Complex works to protect the strands and fight off the effects of the elements, meaning frizz doesn’t stand a chance. 

Activated by the heat of your blow dryer or hot tool, this unique formula was designed to deliver frizz-free results that extend well into your next wash. With the ability to create resilience to moisture similar to the way that AHA’s work on the skin, the results are silky smoothness, improved manageability and shine. You’ll also notice that your style - whether undone waves, glamourous curls, or sleek and straight - will hold their shape longer. 

The Technique:

  • Although the task can seem daunting, achieving a seamless blowout is a lot easier than you think. After thoroughly cleansing and conditioning your hair with your choice of WASH and RINSE, apply EVER.SMOOTH by saturating the hair section by section and combing through.  
  • Next, prep for success with sections and clips! By keeping hair organised and drying sections completely before moving onto the next, you’ll avoid tangles, damage, and frustration. 
  • Use a good quality brush that is designed for your hair type and texture and a nozzle to help direct the airflow of your dryer. You want to be sure to always point the air down the hair shaft (from new growth to ends) to help the cuticle layer lay flat.


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