13ea60f6a65ce6750197 colorful money piece

The money piece was one of the top trends last year for its ability to add an instant pop of color with less damage and relatively low upkeep. The color trend can be performed on any hair color or type and focuses on placing a few foils or painting balayage at the front fringe area to add interest. Great for everyone from natural bases to gray coverage clients — this year, the trend is taking a bold turn. 

The latest trend — the bold money piece — is similar in placement, but takes on vibrant new shades just in time for the change in season! If you’ve been contemplating a change, we’ve got plenty of inspiration and the perfect color line to get you there — Keune Color Chameleon. Take a peek at a few of our favorite bold money piece creations. 

The #ColorChameleon Money Piece

Are your blonde clients craving something colorful? This is the ultimate transformation for hair color that is already lifted to a higher level. It works best on level 10 and above to ensure accurate and even results and looks stunning paired with an all-over blonde tone. To get the look, section out the front tendrils and use foils while applying Color Chameleon for best results. Use a rainbow of color like Jessica Bartolucci did here or concentrate on a few alternating colors for a high impact effect. 

Millennial Pink Money Piece

Pink is such a beautiful color to add to blonde or silver clients. The shade instantly gives off a youthful feel and will even fade beautifully into rose and blush tones over time. This Millennial Pink Money Piece also includes a touch of Yellow (a not to the Pantone Color of the Year — Illuminating) and truly enhances the client’s skin tone. To create a similar look, consider using finer section to create a softer blend. 


Sunset Money Piece

If you’re looking to create a truly bold statement, pre-lifting hair to a high degree will help show off your final color choice. This gorgeous E-Girl transformation created by @hairbysheree, was prepped with 40g Magic Blonde + 60g 6% on the roots and 40g Power Blonde + 60g 3% on the ends. Then, the blonde shade was toned with 15g 10.7 + 15g Clear + 10g 10.2 + 80g Semi Activator. To create the bold sunset money piece, she then used 10g Color Chameleon Yellow at the base and 5g Color Chameleon Yellow + 5g Color Chameleon Orange on the ends. 



Peekaboo Purple Money Piece

Who said you couldn’t create a bold money piece for brunettes?  @heather.england.hair proves that sometimes a subtle transition can add the perfect amount of flair for the money piece. The gorgeous base shade and expertly cut fringe lay the framework for the placement of pink and purple throughout this money piece to coincide with her cool brunette base.