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Braids are an infinite source of design for artists all over the world. From long hair to short, intricate braids to simple and accents to all over design, they have proven to be the ultimate accessible accessory for stylists and clients alike. While we have seen them more and more often, from Burning Man to backstage at Fashion Week, we are constantly amazed by their diversity.

Ramona Krieger of Love2Braid does a beautiful job chronicling her love for braids on the daily. With inspiration that ranges from Game of Thrones to Bridal and Men’s, she is an expert when it comes to braid fashion. Read on to see some of her favorite braids, it is sure to give you some inspiration for the next style you create!

What were the inspirations behind these braids?

I always say 'we need more fashion in hair' and that was my inspiration behind this collection. I designed a hair collection with fashion braids, and while making the ordinary extraordinary I realized I wanted to keep the appearance simple and pure.

reating a black & white shoot was on my bucket list for a long time and I wanted  to invoke “innocence, purity, class, strength and power” in the audience as they look at these styles.

Did you have a favorite?

Difficult to choose but the Royal Highness amazed me when I saw the final result.

How often do you braid your own hair?

Quite often, because it is easy, different, stays in all day and is ultimately my trademark. My hair is long so I am lucky that I get to make different creations for myself everything, from ponytails to braids, I always say “another day another look.”

What is your go-to product when creating braids?

Redken BraidAid 03 is my go-to to define and control braids and a good hairspray like Redken Control Addict 28 is key to cut down on flyaways and keep hair in place.

(I'm actually working on developing my own Love2Braid hair products specifically formulated for braids, which should be launching in 2018).

How do you dream up new styles?

I work by collections and themes. Fashion braids are my vision when I create the collections and my goal is to inspire others. I look for different braid techniques, textures & materials and always aim to make the ordinary extraordinary.

 An example of my 'themes' are something such as Geisha, Warrior & Knights and Best of Bridal to challenge myself and create braidstyles that suit each theme.

On the Royal Highness - how did you create the height?

I used one hair donut cut in half and placed it underneath the French Braid.The rest is the models hair!  My preference for my styles lies in natural hair and natural length because I want to show what you can do with the hair you have.


What is the best way to prep and finish the braids?

My must-haves to prep braids: 

1.A texture powder, like Redken Powder Grip 03

2.Crimper tool

3.Curling iron

To finish the braids:

1.Redken BraidAid 03

2.Hairspray or a Shine Spray

What type of braid do you think will be popular this fall?

This season, stylists are taking braids to a higher level with their techniques. I believe the infinity braid and basket braid will take over the runway scene. Also big hair based on styles the originated in the '60's and 70's will be reintroduced as well.

To see even more braid inspiration and to check out some of Ramona's amazing tutorials, be sure to stalk her on Bangstyle and check out her articles, here!