Powder Grip 03

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Mattifying Hair Powder


Mattifying , root volumizing & texturizing hair powder that provides texture and volume for long-lasting updos. Adds grip to provide tousled texture without product buildup, extends the life of blow-outs and preps hair for long-lasting updos.

TIP: powder grip 03 texturizing hair powder is a highly concentrated formula, so only a small amount is needed to achieve noticeable results.

How to Use

Shake a small amount onto hands and work through hair. Shake a small amount directly onto roots for targeted volume. To add body and texture to the mid-lengths and ends, shake onto hands and work through hair. Use with your customized styling regiment.


  • Mild control powder

  • Creates body, fullness and instant matte texture

  • Adds extra grip for easy updos

  • Hair looks and feels denser


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