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You’d be surprised just how much you can transform someone's color with a simple gloss. Many a beautiful hair color has been revealed not by adding extra highlights or spending endless hours in the chair, but simply by applying a well-placed Shades EQ Gloss! The best thing about this service — apart from the added condition and shine — is the ability to create endlessly with shades you can mix and match to perfect any tone. Here, we’re discussing how to use the transformative power of zone toning to create the perfect finish.

As a colorist, you have endless choices when it comes to creating the perfect color — especially when working with Redken Shades EQ, so why choose just one color next time you tone

Color has come a long way from a simple bleach and tone. Instead of single formulas all over the head, it has become standard to mix custom shades formulas and apply different levels and hues to various parts of the head. In addition to creating more dimensional color, zone toning extends your service list and makes you unique as a stylist.

Zone Toning 101

When you zone tone, you utilize a distinct sectioning and formulation process to color specific parts of the head with targeted colors to reveal a complex yet seamless finish. The zones of the head are broken up into three main areas with their own specific color formulation to be applied — although you could customize this as well.



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The Zones to Tone:

  • Zone 1: Starting at the scalp and including the common regrowth area, this area stretches just a few inches from the scalp. This is by natural usually the darkest area of your hair, and during zone toning, the first 1/2 to 2 inches usually take on a root shadow with dark colors or a depth effect. For best results, understand how your client wears their hair naturally so you can paint accordingly.
  • Zone 2:  Picking up where you left off, zone 2 starts just after zone 1 and includes the mid-lengths. Slightly lighter than your zone 1 formula, you want to use this area to convey the main tone you’re looking to show off. This should also be used as a transition from both zone 1 to zone 3.
  • Zone 3: For many, zone 3 concentrates on just the ends. Because the ends tend to be the driest and most damaged, it also makes them the most porous, so you’ll want to take the hair health into account when formulating this zone. Apply this zone last and carefully watch this area develop. There is a gentle balance between ensuring full development and the area becoming over developed so you can always rinse this section off while you wait for the rest of the zones to develop.

Whenever planning your zones, consult your client on whether they will need (or want) a trim after. As this can greatly impact the length and zone breakdown.

At Home Upkeep following a Zone Tone

After toning your zones, send your clients home with products designed for color care. This will help elongate the life of their color while also improving the health of their hair.

To add unbeatable shine, Redken Acidic Color Gloss is your go-to to prolong the life of your color, add condition, and endless shine. Ideal for all hair types and textures when the full range is used Acidic Color Gloss creates long-lasting color vibrancy for up to 32 washes* and locks in intense molecular-level shine for up to 76% shinier hair**. For best results, use as a complete routine with Acidic Color Gloss Activated Glass Gloss Treatment, Conditioner, and Heat Protection Treatment.


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