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The popularity of the braid never seems to fade and with new innovative products on the market, like Braid Aid 03, we know why! In this braid tutorial, Redken Artist Evie Peterson gave us all a bit of braid envy. She is the inspiration behind the style that stylists and starlets alike and donning, and gives us the inside scoop on how to get the look.



STEP 1     Begin by applying Guts 10 from scalp to ends and use a directional blow dry technique. Use this technique to blow the hair back into a ponytail to get the hair to lie down smooth and straight.


STEP 2     Apply Braid Aid 03 throughout strands help with flyaways. Then start at the top of the head with a 1-inch parting from the forehead all the way down the middle of the head to the nape and secure at the nape, once you’ve finished the braid.


STEP 3     Next, pull the remaining hair on each side of the head back into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic.


STEP 4     To finish the look, take a small slice of the hair and wrap around the elastic band, and spray Fashion Work 12 on this strand, that way you will not need a hairpin. Finally, mist the hair all over with Fashion Work 12 to seal the style.



Photographer: Jesus Baez; Model: Tegan Row; Make Up: Mary Devana; Wardrobe: Coline McCanne 


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