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Lightening hair is continually one of the top requested services in the salon. However, when it comes to lightening highly textured hair, you need to abide by a new set of rules. If you’re unsure about the best way to successfully lift highly textured hair, starting with a few key foundational techniques and the right product is essential. Additionally, further expanding your education will help you hone your skill and perfect your results. One thing that’s for certain is that when it comes to lifting textured hair, Redken and Mizani make the perfect team. The innovation behind Redken hair color plus the custom-tailored texture care from Mizani products ensure perfect lift and finish every time. Read on for some of our expert-approved tips for lightening highly textured hair.


Setting realistic expectations from the start is a must. First, understand your client's hair history, goals, ability to invest, and home-care routine, then make a plan. 


Once a goal level and tone is agreed upon, the fun begins. With any lifting service we recommend Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside (or the NEW Flash Lift Pods Bonder Inside!) to lift hair gently and effectively. Taking care of the integrity of the hair is paramount when lifting highly textured hair to be sure the curl pattern is not impacted and this lightener ensures hair is left in optimum condition. *Pro-tip: It is best to avoid multiple lightener applications in a single session, and depending on the end goal, it can be helpful to utilize various volumes in different zones throughout the head.


Redken Shades EQ is the top trusted toner in the salon for its ability to achieve impeccable results, stunning shades, and condition the hair. It is a great service for highly textured clients post-lightening to bring the hair back to its natural pH and add shine.

Care & Styling

Once the color application is complete, it’s time to create the finishing touches! The best way to show off the new shade? Highlighting your client's natural texture. Mizani is perfect post-blonding to even out porosity, nourish, and style the hair.


To learn about both the lightening and styling process - take a peek at these expert tips RedkenXMizani! #ForTheLoveOfTexture

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