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Creating a beautiful hair color requires a great deal of precision, but is slightly more fluid - pun intended - than hair cutting. With color, there are various factors to account for, which means that things don’t always go as planned. A color may lift too brassy or cool, or a hue may come out overly ashy. Therefore, being a great colorist isn’t just about placement and following a formula, it is about learning how to pivot when necessary and think outside of the box to fix your mistakes. One of the best tools colorists have at the backbar is Redken Shades EQ

Redken Shades EQ is a conditioning gloss that has the ability to refresh, correct, blend gray and add shine in an instant. A mix of direct and oxidative dyes with an acidic pH and formulated with what amino acids, it is made to create healthy-looking, conditioned results when you need it most. From correcting unwanted tones to adding a hint of color or simply refreshing previous color applications - it is a must-have behind the chair. Read on to learn more about this miracle worker and how to choose a color family. 

Currently, with almost 30 color families encompassing warm, cool, and neutral finishes, and the ability to mix and match or layer, Redken Shades EQ expansive range has endless possibilities.


Shades EQ Color Families

To understand which color family to pick, a basic understanding of the color wheel and the theory behind it is key. For example, if you apply highlights on your client and once you wash out the foils the hair appears overly orange, applying a Shades EQ gloss from the Blue/Violet family will cancel out the orange tones and create a neutral finish. Or, if your client is pulling overly ashy, adding something from the Gold or Orange or Red family will slightly warm the color for an even finish. Alternatively, if your base shade is already neutral, adding a hue from either cool or warm families - Blue/Violet, Copper, or Red/Violet can add a slight interest to any shade. 


The Latest Releases

Level 10's - 010T, 010P, 010N, 010GI, 010VV

While many stylists opt to dilute level 9 shades with clear, this can also dilute the efficacy of the toner or leave you with uneven results. With new Level 10’s stylists are able to take out the guesswork and create their brightest blondes every time. 


Violet Blue - 06VB, 07VB, 08VB

Violet Blue Shades are the answer to any client who naturally pulls warm - which, let’s face it, is most. Containing both blue and violet tones, this family counteracts warmth from both orange and yellow, allowing for the ultimate cool result for both brunettes and blondes. 


Matte - 02M, 04M, 07M, 09M

With a black to tan background and a blue/green effect, the Matte family is among the coolest of shades, with a completely natural finish. From reducing warmth on deeper levels to creating iridescent finishes on brighter shades, these are the perfect family to create soft earthy tones among low lights or to add depth.  


Ash Brown - 02ABn, 04ABn, 06ABn

Now, more than ever, brunettes are looking to keep their shade on the cool side. Whether using the Ash Browns as a corrective tone or to create a cool brown finish with no red undertone, this family is perfect. With a black to gray background, this shade family offers a blue/pearl effect. Creating a soft, neutral finish, the cool finish also allows for a slightly deeper effect - so formulate accordingly.