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Cool things off before summer heats up.

Pretty much since the beginning of time stylists and clients alike have been looking for ways to combat yellow and orange undertones in hair color. From the salon to home-care there are a multitude of ways to neutralize unwanted hues and Redken has just created a new and exciting way to create ultra-cool tones in the salon! The new Shades EQ Violet Blue family is specially formulated for correcting tones and adding a cool effect to any color.

As summer begins to heat up, you may notice more and more clients asking for highlights to brighten things up after the long winter. This usually involves a mix of balayage and foils to create a bespoke look for your client. As a stylist, you know that most brunettes and blondes naturally pull warmth during this process. After lifting to the desired level, Shades EQ should always be the next step! Not only does it add shine and conditioning, but it also equalizes color and enhances their tone.

Giving stylists even more options behind the chair, Redken has created the new VB family of Shades EQ, which contains both blue and violet tones. They provide a new level of dual-spectrum brass neutralization for yellow and orange undertones. With the primary tone of Violet and a secondary tone of Blue, it takes the process one step further by not only neutralizing but adding a cool finish as well. For example, if you were just to use blue to combat orange or only violet to combat yellow, your end result would be neutralized but not necessarily cool. This is what makes the new Shades EQ VB’s so different!


When To Use Shades EQ VB’s

Shades EQ VB’s are formulated to use on clients who pull extremely warm and need an extra cool kick. Not sure which to use? Here are a few quick tips to use as a guide for getting the most out of cool toners:

NA These are great for natural cool toning.

V – For an icy cool tone.

VB – Creates and ultra cool tone.

T – Will create a metallic tone.

Violet/Blue – To counteract yellow/orange undertone.


Why Tone Your Client?

Toning can translate to extra time in the chair for your client, but it is a crucial and beneficial process for everyone and usually only takes about 20 minutes! The amazing thing about Shades EQ not only lies in its ability to expertly tone but combined with its Shades EQ Processing Solution, this formula will regulate pH and stabilize viscosity for a perfect application every time.  Its acidic formula also works to provide condition and shine to the hair while cutting down on swelling of the cuticle, lines of demarcation and damage.

Educating your clients about the importance of Shades EQ is key. Don’t forget to let them know about the process and how visiting for touch up toning in between highlighting appointments is key to getting their color to last. You’ll also want to send them home with Color Extend Blondage Shampoo and Conditioner to keep their color looking its coolest all season long!

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