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With the advent of social media and clients spending more and more time at home, product awareness and self-care have become a high priority for stylists and clients alike. As this develops, we’re seeing new trends surrounding both sustainability and the skinification of hair care. Paying attention to a brand's bottles, both inside and out – clients have become increasingly interested in treating their haircare routine much like their skincare regimens and learning about the brand behind the formula. From looking at the active ingredients to applying a multi-step regimen and paying attention to the sustainability of formulas and bottle design, the sustainability and skinification of haircare is here to stay and Redken is ready for it.

Redesigning for Skinification & Sustainability

Striving to be at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, Redken has always created products that perform both in the salon and at home. Unveiling a new look for the brand, the new Cradle To Cradle-certified,* packaging that’s recyclable** AND comprised of at least 93% recycled plastic***, the redesign focuses on setting the bar high for sustainability while also creating a clear call out for the ingredients inside the bottles. With easy-to-read descriptors on the front of each bottle, you’ll notice details like percentages of active ingredients, pigment specifics and pH levels easily called out on the front of each product. Additionally, Redken has partnered with The Braille Institute to add Braille to the shampoo and conditioner packaging to make it more accessible to all clients.  

How To Create a Skinification Routine:

Skinification is about more than just cleansing and conditioning your hair, it is about understanding the function of your scalp and strands while investing in a regimen that complements both. While it is best to speak with your hairstylists about what they recommend for home care there are a few thoughts to keep in mind. 

  • Do you dye or lighten your hair? 
  • Do you have damage from color-related treatments or heat? 
  • Do you heat style often? How is the condition of your scalp? 
  • Do you have any issues related to the health of your scalp and/or hair growth?
  • Do you need products to protect your hair color or tone?

By taking a subjective approach to your skinification routine, you’ll be able to pick products that work well to address specific concerns. 


Creating Consistency:

Just like any skincare routine, taking care of the health of your hair requires consistency in the salon and at home. In the salon, be sure to make regular appointments to see your stylist, from root touchups to trims, glossing and advanced treatments, remaining consistent with the frequency you visit the salon is elemental to your core routine. 

Building upon your salon routine, creating consistency with home care can extend the life of your style and improve the overall health of your hair. For example, using Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment after a lightening service, you’ll notice improved strength and hair resiliency following salon bleach and color services. In addition to this, you’ll notice a 56% reduction of breakage^^11X smoother hair^^^82% reduction of visual split ends^^^^, color fade protection, and intense conditioning. 

To check out the rest of the Redken range and learn more about how their products can help improve your hair routine take a peek at these articles and visit Redken.com for more information!


  • ^^When used as a system of Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo & Conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo
  • ^^^When used as a system of Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave-in Treatment vs. non-conditioning shampoo
  • ^^^^When used as a system of Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo, Conditioner & Leave-in Treatment
  • *All bottles produced at our plant in Florence, Kentucky have accomplished Cradle To Cradle Certification at the Silver level. The Cradle to Cradle Certification is one of the most recognized standards for products that are safe, circular and made responsibly.
    • The certification is a multi-attribute certification:
      • Products are evaluated across 5 criteria categories: Material health (ingredients), material reutilization (packaging), water stewardship (manufacturing), renewable energy (manufacturing) and social fairness (supply chain/human rights).
      • Products are then ascribed a certification level based on their performance: basic, bronze, silver, gold or platinum.
      • This certification is valid for 2 years at which time we have to recertify and demonstrate improvement. So, with a silver certification today, Redken has an opportunity to improve our products to gold/platinum standards in time for the next round of certification.
  • **300ml Shampoo + Conditioner Bottles: recyclable (except Frizz Dismiss and Color Extend Graydiant)
  • **500ml Shampoo + Conditioner Bottles: recyclable (except Frizz Dismiss and Color Extend Graydiant)
  • ***Shampoos & conditioners, excluding the caps