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What would you do if you got a call asking you to be at Paris Fashion Week in 3 weeks time? It might not be as big a deal for the everyday person, but as a hair or makeup artist you jump on the opportunity! For these 11 artists, this is exactly what happened. Redken Artist, Heather King, led a talented team of stylists at Paris Fashion Week for the Stevie Boi Fall/Winter 2017 show. With sleek up styles, beautiful braids and bold lips, the team helped create quite a show.

From Heather:

After announcing on social media that I was hair lead for Stevie Boi at Paris fashion week, I received a great deal of response. Everyone was asking me how it happened, how I chose my team, and after we returned they wanted to know how it was. To be honest, it was such a huge life event for me that I didn’t quite know how to answer! So I enlisted my AMAZING team in order to help explain:

Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. I love adventure and am going to embrace every opportunity this industry offers. When I got the call that asked, “Do you want to go to Paris?” I was all in. This is what I’ve worked my entire career for. Finally, after going out on a limb with Redken, I found the fruit. – Jenn Waterman

I’m no stranger to last minute trips. That being said, two weeks before PFW, I was asked to be involved, I was in disbelief. Paris? Fashion week? I had so many prior obligations I had to rearrange, but there was NO WAY I would miss this! I just knew how magical of an experience this trip would be for the team and I, and it truly was. Life just seems so much more inspired now that I know you can blink and your dreams can come true. –Tara Abramowicz

At 11:39 on February 13, I was asked a question that would change my life. “Do you want to go to Paris?” The question was like a distant dream. How could I and in just 3 weeks? I almost passed it up, but God stepped in knowing my passion and guided me to take flight, making that distant dream into a life changing reality. –Tiffany Brown

There’s a first for everything! This was my first fashion week, international flight and editorial shoot. As a wife, mom of 3, and stylist of 20+ years, these have all been long time dreams of mine and they happened all at once! –Kelly Brewer

As makeup lead, I designed a timeless look sponsored by NYX cosmetics.With #noir as my inspiration, I used dark brown shadow on the upper lid and black liner under the eye, these models had a classic allure that partnered with a metallic lip for flash. Paris is such a powerful and welcoming city, I found myself at home quickly alongside my team. –Bethany Hood

I loved seeing the sights and eating up everything Paris had to offer. Working with a team and knowing that we were doing something bigger than ourselves was a dream come true. A team of like-minded individuals driven by passion! –Alex Laws

It was only two years ago that I began my journey in the hair industry. This is where I truly found myself, surrounded by a passion so strong I didn’t even know it existed. I began doing hair and makeup locally in my hometown Charlotte, NC, I never could have imagined that it would lead me to PFW.  –Amanda Lingelbach

The little things you do when you think no one is looking always makes a difference. Our team worked for free, paid money out of their own pockets, and most importantly gave up their own time to make dreams come true. –Natalie Rednour

Being at fashion week was a dream come true, but being chosen to do the designers makeup before his big show?  EPIC! –Ashley Ortiz

We came together as friends and artists to make this show really come to life. Because of that, nothing could stop us from showing off our true vision! We came Redken ready, and left Redken finished! –Derek Moser

These small quotes were able to capture the strong bond that formed out of the passion we all share as artists in an amazing industry we call our own. NO ONE is limited by age, location or experience in order to pursue your dreams, and the moment our team shared in Paris this March proved just that.  – Heather King