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As a colorist, you have endless choices when it comes to creating the perfect color — especially when working with Redken Shades EQ, so why choose just one color next time you tone

How many color formulas do you usually use on a single client? While single tones have their time and place, an easy way to upgrade your skillset as a colorist is by utilizing multiple formulas and incorporating zone toning into your services. Curious about what exactly zone toning is? Keep reading to find out more about this color technique! 

What Is Zone Toning?

Zone Toning is a process of glossing the hair (post lightening service) by breaking up the head into three simple zones and applying three separate toning formulas for each area. 

The Zones:

  • Zone 1: Zone 1 consists of the regrowth area at the base of the scalp. When working within Zone 1, it is generally best to paint the first 1/2 to 2 inches of the scalp to create a root shadow to blend your application. This is usually the first application and also the darkest formula of all three zones. Consider the hair type, style, and texture when determining how far this section stretches.
  • Zone 2: Zone 2 lies in the mid-lengths and starts just after zone 1. The formulation here should be slightly lighter than your root shadow, considering the level of pre-lightened hair and the transition from zone 1 to zone 2. This can be tailored based on the end goal and desired depth and contrast. 
  • Zone 3: The ends make up Zone 3. Post lightening, you’ll need to pay special attention to this area because it tends to be the most porous. This zone should always be applied last and watch the developing time to ensure it is adequately toned but still has brightness shining through to create the desired effect. If your client will need a trim post-service, be sure to take this length factor into account.

This post from Redken Brand Ambassador Sue Tyrell perfectly demonstrates the breakdown of the Zones and how this simple color technique can enrich the finished result.


Post-Color Care

Following any color process, you must send your clients home with products to take care of their color. Based on their shade and the level of lift, the Redken Color Extend Blondage or Brownlights are a great choice to enhance tone. If your clients need a little extra TLC, suggest Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate to add protein and moisture and regulate the hair’s pH post lightening. *Pro-tip: add an in-salon Acidic Bonding Concentrate service following any bleaching service to ensure better results!