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Whether you’re looking for inspiration or education, social media is a great place to start. You can use the platform to showcase your work, attract new clients, or gain tips and insightful tricks to help in everyday occurrences at the salon. While picking who to follow can be tricky, you should take a peek at not only the images accounts are sharing but their captions as well. It’s one thing to have beautiful hair delivered to your feed; it’s another to have the formulas, techniques, and business tactics to grow your book.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about we’re detailing the top insightful Insta-tips from Redken!


Ever see a color on Instagram and wonder how to get the look? Each client is like a blind date so you never know what type of formula you’ll need to apply or which process you should pick. Posts like this color recipe from Redken detail how to get this exact blonde, which is a great post to save for future reference when a client wants a similar look!


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“Great, healthy #blondes take time - but we like to think #ShadesEQmakes the process a little easier. @erin.boha took about 10 hours to get her client from a level 7 to this #icyblonde Her #RedkenRecipe:⁣⁣

  • She did 2 lightening sessions (omitting her natural base) with a focus on her grow out banding.⁣⁣
  • She created a #rootsmudge with Shades EQ Gloss 05N Walnut + 06T Iron + 09B Sterling.⁣⁣
  • For Zone 2, since her client had orange tones left, she toned with 09B Sterling + 000 Crystal Clear.⁣⁣
  • For Zone 3, she toned with 09V Platinum Ice + 09B Sterling + 000 Crystal Clear.⁣⁣

*Hot tip: No matter the outcome, your main outcome should be to keep your client's hair healthy. Prepare them for what’s to come on their transformation journey, and that it takes patience. “I told my client that weekly strengthening treatments are required and that she would need to pre-book a toning appointment in 4 to 6 weeks.”



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There are always new angles to pay attention to when learning a technique. From showcasing videos to pointing out relevant tips, Redken is dedicated to ensuring you’re getting the best education to grow your skillset.



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Looking for new ways to use your favorite products? Offering new insight on the daily, Redken loves sharing stylist picks to achieving new results from products you are already using in the salon.

“Every #colorist knows this struggle is real: a level 4 client with overly porous hair comes in wanting to leave as a level 9.⁣⁣ During consultations, you may find their hair to be too damaged for desirable results. Beyond managing their expectations for a realistic number of sessions in the chair, @shearbalance's tip: "Use Extreme CAT before glossing to ensure even porosity so the hair doesn't grab too dark or unevenly."



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Social media is about more than just taking tips from others, it is also about being found. The best way to increase your chances of being seen is by posting quality images, tagging the appropriate brands, and creating engaging content that will be featured. For example, Redken is giving their top tips on how to get featured on their Instagram feed in this post:

“Wondering how to get featured on our Instagram?

Let's take a look @createdbyami's content and what makes it regrammable.

  • Accurate lighting ⁣
  • A clean, white backdrop⁣
  • The hair is the focal point⁣
  • High-quality image⁣

Also: Use #RedkenColor to ensure we can see your work.”


If there’s anything else you need to know you can just keep scrolling @redken!

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