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Summer has long been everyone’s favorite time of the year. As we head into summer 2022, clients are on the hunt for fresh new styles to set their look apart and embrace a new season of change. Whether you’re looking for a total transformation or indulging in a subtle switch, we’ve got all the inspiration you need! Take a peek at the top trends for 2022 and learn what to ask for in the salon to achieve them! 


Return of the root smudge


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Following the ombre and sombre hair trends, the root smudge was next up on the list and is going to be seen making a comeback this season. The look is an add-on service to anyone receiving highlights or balayage and is a great way to add contrast and dimension to any shade. To get the look with ease, your stylist can use Redken Color Gels Lacquers 10 Minute — a liquid hair color that can be quickly applied and only takes 10 minutes to process, leaving you more time to enjoy the sunshine! 



Texture is a must


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By now you’ve probably heard about the mullet, the shag, and the bixie. However, if these specific styles aren’t quite right for you, simply ask your stylist to add a little texture. The return of these hair trends shows us that creating cut in or styled texture will be everywhere. Thanks to cutting and styling techniques, the looks can be recreated using your go-to length. 

If you want a subtle style transition, think about adding see-through or “bottleneck” bangs to your style instead. These minimal, yet effective bangs add a bit of texture around the face without the upkeep or maintenance of a full fringe. 



Bigger, smoother and better than ever


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Trend movements have been pulling from a range of eras. With nods to the 70s and the 00s, we’re seeing a mix of sleek and smooth looks as well as big, voluminous, fluffy texture. To get the look, many are returning to classic styling techniques — cue bouncy blow-outs and relying on flat irons! 

For a larger than life look:

  • Prep hair with Redken Big Blowout 
  • Use a round brush and a blow-dryer to add volume and the desired amount of curl or bend to your style. 
  • If you want a fluffy finish, wrap sections of hair around a curling iron, allow to cool and then spray with Redken Triple Dry 15 or Deep Clean Dry Shampoo and pull strands apart to create an airy finish. 

Y2K smooth & sleek more your speed?

  • On fresh hair, spritz Redken Quick Blowout throughout.
  • Use a paddle brush to wrap dry hair or a round brush to smooth out strands if needed. Pull hair close to the scalp to create less lift and a more “noughties” look.  
  • Once hair is dry, use a flat iron and a straight comb to create a truly sleek finish.
  • Follow with a dusting of Redken Flash Glass-Like Shine Spray to create a high shine feel.