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When you begin to travel, you notice the unique eccentricities that make up each destination. From the customs to the food and even the way people cross the street, each country has its individual style. Thanks to fashion week and the ability to jetset in a more effortless fashion, our ability to travel more often also opens us up to trends internationally. With hair color being at the height of its popularity, we’re taking a peek at what color is trending internationally and how to achieve these coveted styles. We begin by following the destinations home to some of the top fashion weeks and invite you to comment below with the shades that are trending most in your areas.


US – Lived-in

California may only make up one state of the country, but all the latest color trends come from their vibes. The sunkissed “California blonde” is probably one of the most coveted styles for the foreseeable future. With the coined term “lived-in” heading up nearly every appointment request, Redken Ambassador Johnny Ramirez is at the helm of this movement. He uses thin slices mixed with balayage, backcombing and traditional foils to create his signature style. While this look can be tailored to your exact needs, it can offer a more low-maintenance option for those who don’t want to spend their Saturdays in the salon.



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UK – 90s Punk Era Reboot

Rooted platinum and crazy fun colors are everywhere on the streets of London as plaid and platform boots have taken over the fashion scene. Icy platinum blondes or punky pink – or better yet, opt for the latest Gaga trend - Platinum Pink – are taking over the street scene everywhere. With this style, you will need to instruct your clients that their hair care routine will be supreme as they take home their new shade. Check out a few of our top tips for color-treated hair here.


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Italy – Explore and Experiment

A new hair color can mean a whole new persona and trying on different styles based on your mood is a common theme amongst the Italian chic. With swift style changes and high fashion flair, you’ll see more monotone shades coming from the Italians that also pack a punch of drama. If your client likes to change her mind, consider talking to her about trying out SHADES EQ for a semi-permanent allover tone – it will be easier if she decides to change her shade again before the season is up.



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France – Low-Maintenance To The Max

As a rule of thumb, French women rarely dye their hair. Instead, they work with what they’ve got. It is normal to see lived-in highlights indicative of a summer spent on the French Riviera or covering grays with a shade similar to your base when necessary. However, most opt for highlights to blend grays instead. The French are always effortlessly chic and don’t need a lengthy styling routine. Maybe it’s the water, but how does their hair always dry naturally so beautifully? A certain “je ne sais quoi” if you will.


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