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The fall has become synonymous with back to school, even if you’re no longer attending classes. Programmed over the years to start fresh around this time of year, the same goes for your style. Among one of the most popular changes as fall rolls in is a change in hair color. If you’re not sure where to take your color this season, take a peek at our top tips below. 

Some of us are heading back to school, work, or continuing to log onto our Zoom calls, whatever “back-to-school” means for you this time of year is perfect for switching up your routine. As we transition into the fall season everything from your wardrobe to morning drink choice will change. Packing away your bikinis as the leaves beginning to turn signals the need to swap out summer haircare go-to’s with fall picks to help maintain and improve the look and finish of your color.  


Deep Clean

While most attribute the spring as a time to “clean,” fall cleaning has become just as acceptable. Following a season full of sun screen, salt water and chlorine, it can be a great idea to give your hair color a deep clean to rid strands of buildup that often causes discoloration. The easiest way to clarify? Work Redken Hair Cleansing Cream Clarifying Shampoo into your schedule. From removing hard water and product build up to excess oil, you’ll be left with shiny, refreshed hair! 



Get A Gloss

While the latest innovations in at-home treatments work absolute wonders on the tone, look and feel of the hair, before heading into the fall season it can be a great idea to visit the salon for a refresh. Following summer, a fresh gloss will instantly revive color and extend the life between appointments. Prior to your appointment it is a great idea to utilize a clarifying treatment to ensure strands are fresh and ready to be glossed. If your hair is in extra need of TLC, ask your stylist about the latest Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside, in a range of colors with bonder already mixed it this formula can help cut down on the stressors of summer while revealing conditioned, shiny results. 

Nix Brass

Brassiness is by far one of the most common post-summer dilemmas. Simply a product of your surroundings and the impact of the environment, if heading to the salon for a gloss touch up isn’t in the cards, stock up on Color Extend Blondage Anti-Brass Mask (now available in Color Depositing Mask For Honey Beige Blonde, Icy Blonde, and Rose Blonde) to add a specific tint to your tone that corrects unwanted hues, enhances color and leaves hair soft and shiny. 


Cover Those Grays

Tell us a better feeling than freshly covered grays? We'll wait... As we head into the fall months darker hair tones will be trending and whether your client is looking for a root touch-up, global color, or a root smudge to conceal grays, Redken has a wonderful portfolio to pick from. Redken’s Color Gels Lacquers permanent haircolor is a liquid color option with a low-ammonia formulation and stellar coverage results for all hair types. Similar to Redken Shades EQ, Color Gels Lacquers delivers those same high shine results. In addition to this, Redken Chromatics, a favorite of celebrity colorist and Redken Ambassador Tracey Cunningham is a staple in the salon for consistent results behind the chair. What sets Chromatics 100% gray coverage apart is its zero ammonia formula and ability to strengthen and fortify the hair for shinier, healthier-looking results.  

While your stylist is always your best line of defense as we transition from season to season, taking time to invest in home care treatments that improve your hair color between appointments is key. For even more back-to-school tips this fall, be sure to check out the latest color inspiration and product picks @Redken!