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Each person has their own unique style, which can largely be dictated by the traits they were born with — from the type of texture, hair color or wave pattern to the shape of your eyebrows. Now, more than ever, clients are looking for the best ways to embrace and enhance the unique characteristics they’re born with. While everyone loves a smooth blowout now and again, the number one trend we’re seeing season after season is the return to natural texture patterns. Read on to see a few top tips and product picks to enhance waves, curls, and coils! 

Re-evaluate Your Routine

If you’ve mostly been heat-styling your hair, you could be dealing with underlying damage and moisture loss. When it comes to embracing your natural texture pattern, the health of your hair plays a large role in the outcome. Healthier hair is shinier and more moisturized and therefore is less prone to frizz. To improve the health of your hair, a consistent cleansing and moisturizing routine, followed by leave-ins and treatments can lead to a more defined texture pattern.

Get A Shades EQ Bonder Insode Gloss

Highly textured hair greatly benefits from nourishing and strengthening products. With new Shades EQ Bonder Inside, stylists are able to give the same great shine, tone and conditioning results as with Shades EQ but with the added benefit of strength for highly sensitized hair. Whether using a high-level shade or utilize Shades EQ Bonding Inside Clear, you'll instantly be able to notice the difference with better condition and more defined results.  

Try New Products

You might be comfortable with your current routine, but as product innovation grows, so do products for natural texture! When choosing a product it is important to keep in mind that you’ll want something that treats your texture type while also giving control to the style you wish to achieve. A mix of products — either to cocktail or layer — can help ease the air-dry process while also improving the overall look and feel of your hair. 

Top Picks:

One United - This treatment has 25 benefits packed into one product. Ideal for all hair types, with the ability to increase manageability, nourish the hair and offer heat protection, One United is an easy-to-apply all-around product that is the perfect post-shower pick-me-up.

Oil For All - Oils are ideal products for texture patterns to add moisture while also aiding in definition and shine. This multi-benefit product can be used on either damp or dry hair and works to lock in moisture, offer heat protection and reduce blow-dry time.

Shine Flash - A quick and easy way to define natural texture is by adding shine. Shine Flash Shine Spray adds and instant glass-like finish to create depth while also taming flyaways and reviving dry hair.

Deep Clean Dry Shampoo - If there’s one thing anyone with natural texture patterns know, it’s that sometimes day 2 or even day 3 hair looks better! It’s the addition of natural oil that can often give a more defined feel. For this reason, it’s great to add dry shampoo to your mix of must-haves. Deep Clean Dry Shampoo is a great option to refresh the scalp and strands while helping add volume.

Get A Texture-Specific Haircut

Speaking with your stylist is one of the best ways to create a tailored style routine. At your next appointment, be sure to come in with your natural texture and explain to them what you’re looking for in a cut. Whether you want more control, definition, or volume, your stylist can utilize various cut and texturizing techniques to help enhance your texture patterns while easing your style routine.