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With everyone’s goal of shiny, healthy hair at the top of their lists — 2024 has already been deemed the year of the “gloss.” But if you’re already tuned into this trend and have your glosses perfectly scheduled out, you may be looking for an additional way to increase shine between appointments. For those of you who love a high-gloss glass-like shine, this one’s for you — the new Redken Acidic Color Gloss system ignites your inner shine from the comfort of your own home.

What Is Redken Acidic Color Gloss?

Masters of creating the perfect shine, Redken Acidic Color Gloss is an at-home hair care system designed to improve hydration, and condition for a molecular-level shine for +76% shinier hair.** **Acidic Color Gloss shampoo + Glass Gloss treatment vs. unwashed color treated hair.

Like the fan-favorite Redken Shades EQ, Acidic Color Gloss features an acidic formula. This formula helps seal the hair cuticle, lock in color, and enhance shine. By using Acidic Color Gloss you’ll notice improved vibrancy and longevity of color-treated hair as well as intense shine and improved manageability for all hair color – natural or not.

How To Apply Redken Acidic Color Gloss



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While each of the products in the range works wonderfully on their own, they work magnificently together. The Acidic Color Gloss range consists of:

The Steps:

Why You’ll Love It

The ability to achieve salon-grade shine at any time from anywhere is a complete game-changer. While we all adore time spent at the salon, being able to keep your shine looking bright between appointments is ideal. And with a formula that promises shine for 3 days, you can easily plan ahead or work in a last-minute treatment to your wash day.

The Results:

  • Glass-like shine that lasts for 3 days*
  • Color vibrancy for up to 32 washes**
  • Intense, molecular-level shine for +76% shinier hair***
  • Ultra-acidic pH formulas seal the cuticle and protect hair from damage and prevent color from fading

Shop The Range:

Redken Acidic Color Gloss Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner




Redken Acidic Color Gloss Activated Glass Gloss Treatment

Redken Acidic Color Gloss Heat Protection Treatment 

* Based on consumer test, Acidic Color Gloss Glass Gloss Treatment** System of Acidic Color Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner ***Acidic Color Gloss shampoo + Glass Gloss treatment vs. unwashed color treated hair