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No matter what industry you’re in, individuals are constantly on the hunt for ways to increase their revenue. As an employee, it can be increasingly difficult to know the best way to ask for a raise. And, for stylists – as your own boss – knowing how to raise your income is another task in and of itself! Whether once a year or once a quarter, it is important to look at your practices and dissect the way you can upsell your services or even raise your prices to ensure your income is meeting your needs and your worth. Keep reading for our top ways to upsell this season by perking up your process behind the chair.

Raise Your Prices

Just like the price of orange juice or your favorite latte – prices for everyday items raise intermittently – and so should the price of your services. As each year goes by, be sure to incrementally raise your prices to coincide with the cost of living and operating your business. Be frank and consistent with your clients and give ample warning. Whether the start of the New Year or the start of the school season, when they schedule their next appointment, make sure to let them know of the price increase. Your time and your expertise are valuable, even if you raise each service by $5, you deserve it!

Hand Pick Products & Services

Product sales are another great way to increase revenue behind the chair. We absolutely love the advice New York stylist – Yadi – shared with Redken!

"I believe customizing the experience for my clients is the best way to go - keeping a blank station and handpicking the styling products I use on them while sharing all my knowledge with them on how and why and they work and help. Making the experience exclusive and explaining the importance of a glaze and pre-booking maintenance appointments as a must!"

Each client should feel special in your chair. Pay special attention to detail and tailor each service exactly to them, this is key.

Always Add A Gloss

Whether your client is getting a root touch up, highlights or a blowout – always add a gloss, even if it’s just clear! This is not only a great way to increase your ticket, but a beautiful way to add shine and condition to your client's hair. Love the color you created and don’t necessarily need to add Shades EQ? Adding a Shades EQ clear gloss will help seal in ends, add unbelievable shine and balance the pH level for a hassle-free finish. Need a few extra minutes between clients? We’ve all been there when our schedule doesn’t go as planned so have a quick consultation with your client and suggest they get a gloss treatment prior to their blowout. This will enhance their spa-like experience and make them feel as if you’re really going the extra mile to get them a flawless finish!

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