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As the sole creative director for Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccoli began his journey in this role in July 2016. Since then we have seen glimpses of his outlook on life and design as mirrored through subtle choices he is making with the brand, and they are beautiful. This past week, he unveiled his Pre-Fall 2017 at a show at the Beekman hotel in New York City. There is a dreamlike state to most of his designs that has left eyes delighted and a buzz of positivity around him.

Guido Palau, Global Creative Director for Redken, worked with more natural textures and created a romantic updo to complement the styles of the show.

“The look at the Valentino pre-fall show is a very simple, soft ponytail, with a bit of Guts 10 to accentuate both the look and the girls’ natural texture. I’ve pulled the hair into this low ponytail with a little bit of height on the crown to add dimension, and I’ve pulled out some hair in the front for a romantic feel.” – Guido




  1. Start by creating a clean middle part using fingers. 

  2. Using a hair razor, cut the front pieces of the hair asymmetrically. Makesure one side is shorter than the other (either side, depending on the face shape.) 

  3. Apply a small amount of Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam to a round brush. Use a blowdryer to smooth the top and add volume. 

  4. Apply a quarter-size amount of Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam to the crown of the head to add additional volume. Set hair with a blowdryer and insert clips to hold style while hair cools. 

  5. Square off the hair around the forehead with fingertips. 

  6. Using a curling iron, create a natural bend in the hair length for a romantic feel. 

  7. Spray Redken Fashion Work 12 Versatile Working Spray onto the ponytail holder for added grip. 

  8. Taking a small section of hair, wrap hair around the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin to hide the elastic. Remove clips at the crown of the head. 

  9. Finish with a spritz of Redken Fashion Work12 Versatile Working Spray to set. 

For more Fashion Week hair inspiration and tips to get the look, be sure to stalk Redken on Bangstyle!