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No one aspires to dull color, but sometimes with susceptibility to daily habits like heat styling, hard water, and UV exposure, it just happens. While the upkeep between appointments is key to ensuring vibrant, gorgeous color, so is the color that you begin with. From your color appointment to your home care, this is how to achieve and elongate your most vibrant color results.

How To Achieve Vibrant Hair Color

There are endless shades to pick for your hair and even more ways to color them. From highlights to lowlights, high lifts to global glazes. And while the level, hue, and tone are completely up to you, there are certain products that can give your color an advantage — enter Redken Color Gels Oils. While this color range is becoming a fan favorite for its impeccable gray coverage results, it’s also standing out as the ideal way to show off vibrant reds, rich brunettes, and glossy blondes.

As a liquid, permanent, ammonia-free color, Redken Color Gels Oils includes a range of gorgeous colors of all levels that offers up to 100% gray coverage while also rejuvenating the hair with +78% shine* and 30% condition**. The secret to this lies in the inclusion of 2% Apricot Oil in the formulation that gives smooth results for all hair types and textures. *vs uncolored hair **vs non-conditioning shampoo. With Shades EQ tonal matches as the ability to be mixed with Redken Pro-Oxide Cream Developer in 20 volume, it’s a win-win for creating vibrant color and the back bar.

The Factors That Dull Your Color

Nothing feels as good as fresh color. You can’t stop staring at its bold and glossy finish and right after you’ve had it done, it seems like great hair days are every day. However, it is inevitable that over time, your color will fade due to common factors like:

  • Heat Styling
  • UV Exposure
  • Hair Damage
  • Dry or dehydrated hair

While utilizing quality products to begin, like Redken Color Gels Oils is key to creating the color and rejuvenating your hair, the upkeep between hair appointments is just as important. Now, there’s a quick and easy at-home option to refresh your shine and improve your hair. Meet Redken Acidic Color Gloss. From shampoo to style, this range includes a ShampooConditioner, Activated Glass Gloss Treatment, and Heat Protection Treatment to keep your color vibrant and add a high shine finish that also feels conditioned.

If your goal is to prolong the life of your color while also adding condition and endless shine, Acidic Color Gloss is the perfect match. While it is ideal for color-treated hair, all hair types and textures (color-treated or not) can benefit from this range. When used together Acidic Color Gloss creates long-lasting color vibrancy for up to 32 washes* and locks in intense molecular-level shine for up to 76% shinier hair**. For best results, use as a complete routine with Acidic Color Gloss Activated Glass Gloss Treatment, Conditioner, and Heat Protection Treatment.

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