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We spoke with Jorge Joao, International Redken Artist, about which trends we will be seeing fly off the runway and into the hands of fashion forward hair artists everywhere. As a regular at NYFW, Jorge is noticing the incorporation of bobby pins and hair pins into looks and keeping them visible for more of a raw/urban feel.

Redken How-To, Jorge Joao, Bobby Pins


1. Prep the hair with Redken's Full Frame 07 from roots the ends and blow dry.


2. Split the hair into three sections, top, middle and bottom.


3. Separate the top from the middle at the eyebrow and then the middle from to the bottom about mid year leaving you with your three sections.


4. Starting with the top section,  take 1 inch subsections prep the with Redken's Iron Shape 11 then spiral wrap around a 1 inch curling iron towards the face.


5. Continue doing this throughout the middle and the bottom section make sure that your subsections are stacked one on top of the other this is so your waves will lineup.


6. After your set cools down brush everything out to create your waves. Pin and expose your bobby pins to create movement and detail. Finished with Redken's Fashion Works 12 for hold and humidity control.


Redken Artist, Jorge Joao, how-to

Redken Artist Jorge Joao, Editorial how-to

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