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It could be the change in season or the remnants of award season that have us craving a new style. Knowing how to nail the perfect blowout when you want is essential, no matter your hair type. From cutting down on dry time to adding copious amounts of volume, we’re detailing some of the top blow-dry tips to ensure a flawless finish every time.

Tip #1 — Blot Dry

From skincare to hair care — rubbing is out; blotting is in. While shaking things up after the shower can feel great, carefully blotting your hair instead of rubbing it cuts down on friction that can rough up your cuticle and cause frizz and breakage. Invest in a microfibre cloth to remove excess moisture post-shower for best results.

Tip #2 — Don’t Start on Wet Hair

It’s never a good idea to blow dry sopping-wet strands. It takes forever to dry, and this is when your hair is most vulnerable to breakage. Instead, apply products and allow them to soak in and either slightly air dry or rough dry to remove excess moisture before beginning your formal blow dry. *Pro-tip: less pre-drying is needed for highly textured hair.

Tip #3 — Rely on Product

Product choice is as essential as your blow-dry skills. Picking formulas based on your hair type and end goal can be essential to getting the look you’re after. For the most part, heat protectants that also include something to speed up your blow-dry, another for adding volume, one for memory hold, and a product to extend your style are all you need!

Product Recommendations:

Redken Spray Smooth — A heat protectant that controls frizz and instantly smooths hair for a long-lasting finish. 

Redken Quick Blowout — This lightweight formula preps and conditions the hair for quick and effortless results with heat protection up to 450°F/230°C.

Redken Big Blowout — Formulated for all hair types, this gel formula melts into the hair to create volume while adding heat protection for up to 450°F/230°C.

Redken Thermal Spray 11 (Low Hold) and 22 (High Hold) — Take your pick of thermal protection that also creates memory hold. Both protect hair up to 450°F/230°C, creating a soft, touchable feel or all-day control.


Tip #4 — Start At The Roots

After applying your choice of products, always begin by drying the roots and face frame first. This sets up the rest of your style for success by controlling the movement from the scalp to the ends.

Tip #5 — Control The Size of Your Sections

Sections that are too big or too small can hurt your finished look. Instead, work in medium-sized sections equal to the diameter of your brush. This allows for ultimate control when drying.

Tips #6 — Stay In Your Lane

The biggest mistake you can make when blowdrying is leaving hair partially damp. For best results, stay in your lane by completely drying one section of hair before moving on to the next.  This makes it easier to dry the hair, allowing for better volume, movement, and hold sans frizz.

Tip #7 — Extend Your Finish

After you’ve finished your blow-dry, consider adding a shine spray, texturizing spray, or traditional hair spray to keep your style in shape. Then, follow up with dry shampoo on day two or three to extend your finish.

Finishing Product Suggestions:

Redken Shine Flash Shine Spray — Creates a glass-like finish for endless shine.

Redken Dry Texture Spray — Add volume and airy movement with this texture spray.

Redken Brushable Hairspray — Create hold with maximum flexibility and 24-hour humidity protection.

Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo — The answer to second, third, and sometimes even fourth-day hair. This dry shampoo effortlessly extends the life of your blow-dry by absorbing excess oil and offering an instantly refreshed feel.