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As the world continues to adjust to the effects of coronavirus, and the ways in which we live and work have changed, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. There’s a lot of power in coming together, and one thing’s for certain: there’s no other community in the world like the professional beauty community. Learn more about what Redken and L'Oreal USA are doing in an effort to support you, the professional beauty industry, and those impacted by COVID-19. 

Redken Affiliate Program

To help support the salon and pro community during this unprecedented time, Hair.com and Redken have partnered up to set up our Salon Pro Program, operated through Rakuten Advertising affiliate network. This program allows Licensed Salon Professionals* to receive a 20% commission when they sell product on Hair.com using their unique referral links. Our hope is that this program can help you stay connected with your clients in these uncertain times while helping you to earn supplemental income until you can get back behind the chair.

*Please note this is a FREE program exclusive to licensed salon professionals and your SalonCentric or State/RDA Account ID# will be required to process your application.

 Get Started Today! See below for more information on how to join the program. Click here to officially enroll in the program on Hair.com!


L'Oreal USA Professional Products Initiatives 

As a partner of L'Oreal USA Professional Products, there are countless initiatives being implemented to immediately assist stylist and salon partners alongside the professional beauty industry. There are the initiatives L'Oreal USA Professional Products is taking to help in the fight against COVID-19:

Salon Centric

  • All pending Salon Centric invoices will remain frozen until your local community is back to regular business activity and payment plans will be available for ordering needs. In the meantime, free shipping will be available through SalonCentric.com and the SalonCentric Mobile App. For more information about this be sure to visit: https://www.saloncentric.com/saloncentric-update.html.

LEVEL Loyalty Rewards

Support Through PBA - The COVID-19 Relief Fund

  • L'Oreal USA Professional Products is donating to the PBA COVID-19 Relief Fund. An initiative that directly supports licensed professionals unable to work due to COVID-19 with emergency short-term funding. For more information, visit: https://www.probeauty.org/pba-charities/covid-19-relief-fund

  • While congress is developing the economic stimulus package, they are supporting PBA in including the 45B FICA tax tip credit, which will help provide immediate funding to salons and stylists. Learn more about what you can do here: https://www.probeauty.org/advocacy/fica

Charitable Product Contributions

  • Through partnership with Product Club, SalonCentric donated 10,500 medical-grade gloves to medical-grade centers throughout the US by a nonprofit specializing in disaster-relief emergency activities.

  • L’Oreal USA Professional Products is donating a supply of over 100,000 dry shampoos to local crisis response teams and healthcare workers to alleviate daily hygiene needs.

Alongside this, L'Oreal USA has also announced the following initiatives to support Americans and those around the globe during the COVID-19 outbreak and recovery.

  • Corporate donation and employee match campaign to Feeding America – L’Oréal USA will donate $250,000 to the U.S. hunger-relief organization Feeding America to provide emergency support for their COVID-19 Response Fund and help relieve food-insecure families across America. This is part of a company-wide giving campaign in which L'Oréal USA will match additional employee donations dollar for dollar up to $25,000.
  • L’Oréal’s North American manufacturing facilities have begun production of alcohol-based hand sanitizer – L’Oréal’s production facilities have begun producing alcohol-based hand sanitizer and will soon be distributing free of charge to U.S. employees, partners, and healthcare professionals working on the frontlines of this emergency.
  • Donating high-need personal care and hygiene products to Feed the Children – L’Oréal USA will make a donation of personal care products valued at more than $1 million, including cleansers and moisturizers, to the non-profit organization Feed the Children as part of its community-based emergency response to COVID-19.
  • Donating surgical and N95 respirator masks to local hospitals – L'Oréal USA will donate protective masks from its operations facilities in North Little Rock, Arkansas, and Franklin, New Jersey, to local hospital systems in each surrounding community. Through partnership with Product Club, SalonCentric already donated 10,500 medical-grade gloves to medical centers throughout the US by a nonprofit specializing in disaster-relief emergency activities.
  • Relief for small businesses – L’Oréal USA will freeze the existing payments of very small and small-sized enterprises in its distribution network, including independent hair salons, until their businesses resume. Additionally, L’Oréal USA will shorten its payment times for small suppliers who have been most exposed to this economic crisis.


Redken Digital Education:

With this in mind, Redken is offering a whole range of ways in which you can stay connected with the professional beauty world. From online educational courses you can take from the comfort and safety of home to creative inspiration to advice and support for stylists, Redken has just one goal: to encourage mutual creativity and provide a place for us all to lean on each other.

Whether you’re looking for tips on staying connected or want to take advantage of this time to brush up on your skills or really hone your craft, browse Redken’s current and upcoming offerings for all the insights, inspiration, and support you need. 


If You’re Looking for Education, Support & Perspective  

Raise My Bar Live: Mondays from 1 – 4 PM EST 

Every Monday, starting April 6, Redken will join forces with Matrix and Biolage to bring together a team of artists and experts who will share valuable perspectives and tips for hairstylists navigating the current health crisis and all of the uncertainty that comes with it. The Raise My Bar team will host live educational events on various social media platforms. Check out Redken’s Instagram story (@Redken) every Friday for more information on the upcoming week’s schedule and where you can tune in to watch. 

Instagram Live with Sheri Doss & Alfredo Lewis: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 1 PM EST 

Every Tuesday and Thursday, VP of Redken Education Sheri Doss and VP of Matrix Education Alfredo Lewis will come together to discuss the professional hair and beauty industry as a whole, as well as how stylists and other beauty professionals can navigate this difficult time. The two will also talk education, inspiration, and tips for maximizing the future success of your business. The live series, which will also feature special guest appearances, will be hosted on Alfredo Lewis’s Instagram (@Alfredo_Lewis) on Tuesdays and on Sheri Doss’s (@SheriDoss) on Thursdays. 


If You Want to Use This Time to Continue Your Education & Fine-Tune Your Technique 

Redken Exchange Live: Tuesdays from 2 – 4 PM EST 

Beginning March 31, Redken will bring its Redken Exchange educational programs straight to you! Every Tuesday, Redken Artists (joined by guest industry icons) will host live online courses on a range of topics, from color formulation to toning with Shades EQ and much more. Get inspired and advance your skill by taking part in the online Redken Exchange sessions! Check Redken’s Instagram every Friday for information on upcoming Exchange course and how to register. 

Redken Education on Demand 

If you’re not able to take part in the online Redken Exchange series, you can still access all of the insights, tips, and tricks shared each class—just check back the following day to watch the class. With Redken Education on Demand, you can also access other invaluable educational content to help hone your skill. 


If You Want to Up Your Own Teaching Game  

Facilitating Like a Boss with Coach Chris Baran: Mondays from 11 AM to 12 PM EST 

Every Monday, Redken Global Artistic Director Chris Baran will share helpful tips and expert insight on how you can start offering your own virtual educational content. For professional educators, this is an invaluable course in translating your teaching from a classroom setting to the screen. 


If You Want to Be Inspired 

In addition to these courses (and others; click here for more!) Redken is offering a range of virtual courses and online series to help hairstylists, educators, and beauty professionals stay creative. With inspiring series led by industry icons like Sam Villa, courses dedicated to color correction and formulation, and apps specifically designed to foster ongoing education and collaboration, you can stay connected with other professionals and, just as importantly, stay inspired. 

These may be difficult and uncertain times, but there’s no better time to come together as a community and take the time to improve your craft so that, when the time comes, you’re ready to hit the ground running!