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Social media has always been a great tool to gather inspiration, and now more than ever stylists can rely on digital platforms for motivation. With time to learn, grow, organize, and practice techniques, now is the perfect chance to hone your creativity for the new season ahead. From creating mood boards for future photoshoots to gathering formula ideas for color trends you want to try – take a peek at some of our favorite shades to keep you inspired. 


Brunette Foilyage featuring: NEW! Matte Shades

As one of the latest releases from Redken, the Matte Shades EQ family has the ability to give off truly cool reflects with the signature Shades EQ shine. For this formula, Adina Pignatare used Shades EQ Gloss 04M Smoked Cedar on Zone 1 and 07M Driftwood on Zones 2-3. The combination of Shades EQ created a sublime finish with rich earthy tones. Staying within the Matte (M) family cancelled out any warmth leaving behind a truly cool finish. 



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Blended Balayage with a Root Melt

It doesn’t take a full head of highlights to add depth and dimension. By thoughtfully painting lightener and using a combination of shades, low-maintenance looks are easier than ever to achieve. With this client, the initial lift was achieved with Redken Blonde Idol Free Hand - which is a creamy lightener specifically formulated for open-air techniques. Once the desired level of lift was achieved, Maddison Bek created a root melt with Shades EQ Gloss 05N Walnut + 07V Crushed Amethyst and then a gloss with Shades EQ 08V Iridescent Quartz + 09G Vanilla Crème. The perfect shade for summer… and beyond. 


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All-over vibrant effects

This brown to red hair transformation will have everyone considering a color switch. To achieve this stunning shade, Paco Latorre worked in sections to pre-lighten the hair. Using Flash Lift + Pro-Oxide Cream Developer 20 volume at the roots and Flash Lift + Pro-Oxide Cream Developer 10 volume on Zones 2 and 3. From there he filled the newly level 10 hair with Shades EQ Gloss 09AA Papaya and then applied Shades EQ Gloss (3/4) 08C Cayenne + (1/4) 09AA Papaya. The result is an all-over shade that will leave us all swooning and is a welcomed inspiration for a subtle pop of color this season. 


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Texture and a touch of warmth

As the weather begins to warm up, we crave colors to match the mood. Adding to our list of reasons why we LOVE Shades EQ – the results on textured hair is unbeatable. It is the obvious choice for textured clients due to the fact that as an acid color formulation it maintains the integrity of the hair while infusing it with moisture and shine. Additionally, the liquid formula eases application and provides an even finish. Lifting to a level 8, Sara Maria then glossed Zones 2 & 3 with Shades EQ Gloss 06WG Mango + 07CB Spicestone to achieve this perfect finish!


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